Quilts For Sale

1) The Zens Won’t Mind Quilt

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This quilt contains a secret message written in maritime signal flags: “Leap and the net will appear,” an old Zen saying. Colors from adjacent flags connect with each other to create new designs and shapes that generate playful and eye-catching patterns, even if you don’t know how to read the secret message.

This small throw quilt measures 38 inches x 45 inches.

Price: $300

2) The Popsicle Dreams Quilt

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Take a snooze under this quilt and you’re bound to dream about your favorite summertime treat. Inspired by photos of icy summer goodness on a stick, the bright and cheerful colors of this quilt are sure to bring a smile to all who slumber here.

This throw quilt measures 57 inches x 69 inches.

Price: $430

3) The Not So Straight and Narrow Quilt

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There’s nothing sleepy about this quilt, which consists of a single patterned fabric combined with a range of solid colors. Strips of improvised piecework create a groovy and eclectic feel that will liven up your room.

This throw quilt measures 48 inches x 48 inches.

Price: $350

4) The Greek To Me Quilt

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The design of this quilt harkens back to the traditional Greek Cross pattern, but uses a modern and striking combination of colors that is one of Amy’s favorites. The light-hearted irregularity of the crosses and contrast of colors make for an eye-popping and unconventional quilt.

This throw quilt measures 57 inches x 57 inches.

Price: $390


General Info

Amy a la Mode Quilts

Groovy yet classy, Amy a la Mode quilts are the antidote to the same old mass-produced quilts and blankets you’ve been buying for years. Each Amy a la Mode quilt is based on a particular design, but because of the free-form, improvisational manner in which I work, each quilt is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Amy a la Mode couture quilts are hand made, one at a time. We put the same quality care and craftsmanship into making quilts for you that we put into making quilts for our families.

All Amy a la Mode couture quilts are constructed from high-quality pre-washed fabrics and pieced by machine. Amy a la Mode quilts are professionally machine quilted with a modern long-arm quilting machine, a durable and high-quality alternative to hand quilting. The quilting design of stacked ovals was created by Amy for her custom use. Amy believes no quilt is properly finished until the binding has been stitched into place by hand.

How to Purchase

If you would like to purchase a quilt or are interested in additional photos of any of these quilts, please contact me at the e-mail address listed near the top of this page. If the quilt will be shipped to a location within the state of California, you will be charged California state sales tax on the purchase. Payments can be made via Paypal, after which arrangements for shipping your quilt will be made. There is no extra charge for shipping via standard methods (insurance or expedited shipping are extra).


Amy a la Mode couture quilts are not returnable. All purchases are final.

Quilt Care

Amy a la Mode quilts are made by hand and designed to be used on your beds. However, like any textile, they are susceptible to wear and fading if not treated kindly. Treat your Amy a la Mode quilt as you would any treasured textile. Please avoid direct sunlight, as this may fade colors over time. Do not store quilts in plastic bags.

Air out quilts to freshen them up between cleanings. For light cleaning of surface dirt, vacuuming may be sufficient. Washing should be kept to a minimum, as it has the potential to increase wear of the fibers. If your quilt requires washing, we recommend that you wash it in cold water with a gentle fragrance-free and dye-free quilt soap, either by hand or in the gentle cycle of a washing machine. Only gentle agitation should be used. Be sure the quilt is rinsed well. Handle wet quilts carefully when lifting from tub or washer, since wet fibers are more vulnerable to stress.

Dry briefly on a low setting in your dryer, and then lie flat on towels to complete drying. A fan may be helpful for circulating air and speeding drying. Do not hang or wring wet quilts. Amy a la Mode quilts are constructed with pre-washed fabrics, but fading or bleeding could still occur during washing.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.