A New Lisette Passport Dress

Last September I made a Lisette Passport dress in a brown and blue linen that I brought back from Hanoi. And then a few months ago I pulled out the blue cotton I bought in Hanoi and a cute Wonderland MoMo print with the thought of making this dress again in two fabrics.

And now I have!

Two-Color Lisette Passport Dress

It is SO much easier to make something from a pattern that has already been fitted to you. I whipped this out really quickly and was happy with it, but for some reason this version *really* needed a belt. And, miraculously, in the midst of all the shopping that I’ve been doing lately for work clothes (among other things), I managed to find a belt that I think works really well. Under any normal sorts of circumstances this dress would have sat around for months, waiting for me to find a belt, so I’m super happy that I found this one!

Add a little sweater and I might even be able to pull off wearing this to the new job!

In Progress… and a new job!

A new Lisette Passport dress.

New Lisette Passport Dress

New Lisette Passport Dress

I’m also happy to announce that after about six months of looking, I have accepted a job offer! As of July 1 I will be the Science Data Librarian at Stanford University Libraries. This is a full-time job and, unlike 90% of my previous full-time employment, will require me to leave the house and go to an office every day.

I’m super excited about the new job, but still thinking about what will happen to my little blog. I certainly will have far less time for quilting, sewing, and knitting, and probably even less time for blogging. But stay tuned – you never know how it will turn out! I do have a few more family quilts from my trip to show you in the next couple of weeks!

Too Much to Choose From

I guess it’s time to get my head out of the clouds of Wai’ale’ale and back to real life! Which at this point in time revolves around my on-going job hunting (a SUPER slow process) and working at the Bobbin’s Nest online store. These things actually keep me fairly busy, but I can’t keep myself from scheming about lots of other things as well.

One of those things is cooking. I’m always looking for new things to learn, and lately cooking has come to the forefront. I can follow a recipe pretty well, but I don’t know how to throw things together and am terrible at looking at the stuff in the fridge and coming up with something to do with it. I feel that if I were better about that then I wouldn’t have to do so much meal planning and shopping-list-making in order to get dinners to work out all the time. And I really dislike the meal planning.

I just finished reading The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn. I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot of just basic non-recipe kinds of stuff. It certainly has helpful stuff about how to cook a piece of meat without having to have a specific recipe on how to do it. I’m hoping it helps!

I also can’t seem to stop my brain from planning knitting and sewing projects. Case in point – while I already have a knitting project on the needles and a lace sweater project waiting in the wings, as well as a new sewing project (more on that soon), I’m seriously thinking about two (well, or six, depending on how you count them) other sewing projects.

Ikea Flower Fabric with Bolt for backing

I’m still working on getting rid of some things from my stash. I’ve done some calculations involving some fabrics I got at IKEA three years ago, and some bolts of average solids that I got super cheap nearly as long ago.

Ikea Flower Fabric with bolt for backing

The scale of these fabrics is huge. Those are whole bolts lying on top of them. I’ve calculated if I use the solids on the bolts for backings, I can make 2 quilts out of the huge flowers, each about 55″ x 70″. And I can make three quilts out of the smaller flower print, each about 55″ x 65″. Because of the scale of the prints, they aren’t going to work very well to piece together to make something actually twin-sized or bigger in width.

At any rate, that’s a lot of quilts! I need to buy 9 yards of batting off the bolt to make them all. I’m not sure that I’m up for that much quilting. I would probably do something minimal — straight lines to mimic the green lines (stems?) in the fabric. Nothing fancy at all. Maybe I’ll start with the two quilts from the big flower and see if I can get that done.

The plan would be to give all of these away when they are finished. I really don’t need more quilts hanging around here at the moment. Not really. So, we’ll see if I get started on that. I’m very motivated to move some things out of my stash, and this would help a lot with some fabrics that I really don’t know what else to do with.

The other thing I have in mind is a dress.

Lisette pattern with possible fabrics

This is a little crazy, because I really don’t have any need to wear a dress these days. But I wore the first version of this dress, which I made a few months back, when we went to dinner for our anniversary in Hawaii, and I was struck again with how much I love this pattern.

Lisette Passport Dress

And now that it’s been altered to fit and everything, it should be super easy to put together, right? And the thought of doing it in two fabrics — the blue cotton shirting I bought in Hanoi for the top and the yellow Momo Wonderland fabric for the bottom — is really calling to me.

I honestly don’t think the dress should take that long. If I could find a couple of days to devote to it, I think I could get it done. It’s just finding the time. And I hate starting projects and then not being able to get back to them.

Stay tuned, and I’ll show you how the progress on my gigantic shawl is going!

Summer Wardrobe Sewing Recap

I feel like I have been doing terrible with my goals this year (remember that my New Year’s resolution was to learn to crochet? nope, haven’t done that yet), but my new summer wardrobe turned out pretty darn well, I have to say!

If you remember back on June 15, I posted some possible projects to help build up my rather sad wardrobe. Here’s how I did!

1. Vintage Dress, version 1
Version 1 was technically completed the week before, but I decided to include it here. Close enough! I got the pattern for free and bought the fabric on a whim after seeing it in a banner Susan Beal had brought with her when she did the book signing at Bobbin’s Nest. I was super excited that it worked out so well for this dress!
Vintage Vogue 7800

2. Vintage Dress, version 2
Guess I never got a shot of me wearing this one. Used the Jay McCarroll fabric I bought over my birthday weekend in Pacific Grove and a coordinating small print I got from Bobbin’s Nest. Same pattern as above that I got for free.
Vintage Dress version 2

3. Lisette Market Skirt
No shots of me wearing this one either, but it has turned out to be great for kickin’ around. I got the pattern at a $1.99 sale and the fabric is left over from pants I made ages ago.
Lisette Market Skirt

4. Shorts
It’s hard to play favorites, but I could seriously wear these out soon. Even despite the fact that it’s rarely been warm enough for shorts here this summer. LOVE THEM. Pattern is basically the pants pattern I’ve been using over and over again from the Sew U book, and the fabric is left over from the second version of the Sew U pants that I made. I think I might have bought a zipper.
My New Shorts SewU Pattern

5. Bias Cut Skirt
I didn’t really need another of these, but there you have it. I haven’t worn this one yet, but I’m sure it will make the rounds frequently as it gets cooler. The pattern is one I copied from a skirt my sister had, and I’ve had the fabric in my stash for ages.
Bias Cut Skirt, version 2, front

6. Lisette Passport Dress
Also loving this to death. I can tell you now that this pattern will be worn out eventually. I purchased the pattern on the $1.99 sale and picked up the fabric on a trip to Vietnam a couple of years ago. Might have enough left to make one of those Market Skirts out of…
Lisette Passport Dress

7. Liesl Sweater
Okay, I know this isn’t sewing, but I made it this summer and it was my first sweater ever, and I made it specifically to go with the dress I made early in the year. This sweater was bargain basement as well. The pattern was maybe $8 and, since I get a discount where I work, the yarn was super duper cheap as well. The whole thing probably cost me under $30.
Liesl Sweater - My First Knitted Sweater!

The one project I attempted that I never had the patience to figure out what to do with was the Lisette Market blouse. The sleeves were so tight I basically couldn’t lift my arms. I’ve decided that if I want to make this, I’ll have to do some treatment with elastic.
Lisette Market Skirt and Blouse Muslins

That issue also deterred me from trying one of the other Lisette dress patterns that I bought, because it appeared to have basically the same sleeve.

And I’ve decided that I want to use the blue shirting and the last MoMo Wonderland in my stash to make another Passport dress. But in the spring. Definitely in the spring!

I’m really excited at how I was able to make so many garments with fabric and patterns I already had on hand. I ended up buying a number of zippers and possibly a little thread, but I used up all kinds of weird thread colors and grungy old fabric I had to do the muslins, so this turned out to be a very inexpensive new wardrobe – three dresses, two skirts, a pair of shorts, and a sweater! And another dress already lined up for the spring. Sweet.

I think it’s time to get back to quilts!!

Lisette Passport Dress

I have so many things to catch up on with you guys that it’s really hard to decide where to start. But I am eager to show you the last of my Summer Wardrobe Sewing, so let’s do the Lisette Passport Dress, okay? Great!

Lisette Passport Dress

I had another big win with this pattern, as far as I’m concerned. I love how this dress fits in the end and I think it would be great in all kinds of fabrics — I used the second piece of linen that I bought in Hanoi a couple years ago. But getting this to fit did take me three muslins, if I remember correctly.

But now, any time I want a quick new dress, this is definitely the go-to pattern.

Lisette Passport Dress, front detail

I again had the help of my awesome friend and coworker, Dolin, with the fitting on this. It would never have turned out so fabulously without her help!

Here’s the rundown of alterations I had to do:

1. Shortened the waist (as usual).
2. Swayback adjustment to the back bodice (pretty much as usual as well).
3. Adjustments to the armholes in the front and back to keep them from gaping.
4. Took a touch out of the center back.
5. Moved the darts in the front a bit. So, this pattern has only a single set of dart lines for the front no matter what size you are cutting. This pattern seemed to run really small, so I was making a fairly big size, and the darts were way too far in. But these aren’t like normal darts, and the pattern piece is a VERY weird shape, so moving these was kind of fudge-y.
6. I did not sew the darts all the way up. In fact, with every muslin I did I sewed them up less and less. I just preferred this look to the all the way sewn up look.
7. The pattern had front and back facings, but they only went about half-way down the armholes and it called for finishing the armholes with bias tape. Yuck. Did not like that suggestion, so I redrew the facings to do all-in-one facings. SOOOO much more finished looking. Love this treatment. (If you are interested in this method, they’ve just done a detailed post about it over at Colette for a sew-along they are doing.) Because of that, I had to move the top of the zipper (which is on the left side) down an inch or two to keep it away from the facings.

Is that everything? I think so.

Lisette Passport Dress

I think this is a lovely pattern overall, and love that the designer paid enough attention to line up the darts in the back bodice with the pleats in the back skirt. A very professional touch to the design.

Lisette Passport Dress, back detail

I’m thinking in the spring I will do a two-fabric version of this dress using the tiny MoMo Wonderland print for the skirt and the blue shirting from Hanoi for the top. It would be so cute!

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