Strippy Wacom Storage

I finished my little strippy project!

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

It’s a sleeve for storing my Wacom tablet, since it doesn’t get used much. And is likely to get used even less now that I will be starting a full-time job again.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

I once again used my own laptop sleeve tutorial to make this. Except that the outside is pieced and quilted. In the tutorial I quilted the lining pieces, and they weren’t pieced. And I did the vintage button with elastic band closure option.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

For the inside I used a fabric I’ve had in my stash for ages but hadn’t found a use for. I chose the strip fabrics from my scraps based on the colors of the lining.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

Oh, and I left out the ease because this tablet is very thin, but it ended up being almost too snug a fit!

And a shot of the back for you.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

I love it, and now my tablet won’t get dusty and scratched!

Did I tell you yet that my first day of work is this Friday??

A New Lisette Passport Dress

Last September I made a Lisette Passport dress in a brown and blue linen that I brought back from Hanoi. And then a few months ago I pulled out the blue cotton I bought in Hanoi and a cute Wonderland MoMo print with the thought of making this dress again in two fabrics.

And now I have!

Two-Color Lisette Passport Dress

It is SO much easier to make something from a pattern that has already been fitted to you. I whipped this out really quickly and was happy with it, but for some reason this version *really* needed a belt. And, miraculously, in the midst of all the shopping that I’ve been doing lately for work clothes (among other things), I managed to find a belt that I think works really well. Under any normal sorts of circumstances this dress would have sat around for months, waiting for me to find a belt, so I’m super happy that I found this one!

Add a little sweater and I might even be able to pull off wearing this to the new job!

A Little Stripping Project


Posted from my new iPhone!!!

In Progress… and a new job!

A new Lisette Passport dress.

New Lisette Passport Dress

New Lisette Passport Dress

I’m also happy to announce that after about six months of looking, I have accepted a job offer! As of July 1 I will be the Science Data Librarian at Stanford University Libraries. This is a full-time job and, unlike 90% of my previous full-time employment, will require me to leave the house and go to an office every day.

I’m super excited about the new job, but still thinking about what will happen to my little blog. I certainly will have far less time for quilting, sewing, and knitting, and probably even less time for blogging. But stay tuned – you never know how it will turn out! I do have a few more family quilts from my trip to show you in the next couple of weeks!

Hand Piecing Helper

While working on my hand piecing project recently, I found myself wishing I had a more convenient place to put the needle and four pins that I was using. And then I remembered that I had this.

Tiny Finger Pincushion

I think it highly likely that my mother picked this up for me once at some craft fair. It’s just a tiny pincushion made on a 2-liter bottle cap with a little bit of elastic threaded through holes in the cap so that you can wear it on your finger like a ring. I have never used it before and never could even imagine that I would want to use it, but I kept it there in the bottom of my sewing basket.

And it’s perfect.

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