Poppy Stash Quilts!

Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

I finally have photos for you! These are the first two of my stash quilts I’ve been making. I think they turned out really well! They are nearly identical. Each is made from a single piece of 55″ wide fabric from IKEA that I had in my stash.

Back of Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

The backings are made from some grey fabric I had in my stash as well. Above is the first quilt, for which I used a dark grey binding fabric. On the second quilt below I used a light grey binding fabric. It’s what I happened to have enough of in my stash!

Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

The quilting was actually done with a regular walking foot, not a free motion foot. I was able to do this because the flowers I was quilting around were so ridiculously big. In fact, I don’t think free motion would have worked well on these because the design was really TOO big for that. The finished sizes of these quilts is around 55″ x 75″. I plan to give these quilts away either to friends or to charity.

Back of Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

And the other three stash quilts I’m assembly-lining right now? I DID get the bindings all made and attached to the quilts on Friday and I’ve been working on hand sewing them to the back sides, in between working up another resume/cover letter version to send out for yet another job posting! Hopefully I’ll get those finished and photos to you a little more quickly than I did these!

Quilts Are Piling Up Around Here!

Quilting in Progress

Unbelievably, I am making really fast progress on my stash quilt project. I finished the first two (when was that? last week? and still no photos) and started on the other three this week, assembly-line fashion. Wednesday I pin-basted all three of them, and yesterday I got them all quilted. See photo above for proof of quilting.

My plan is get the binding made and attached to the fronts by the end of the weekend. Ideally, I’d like to get that done today, but I’m not sure how my day is going to work out yet. If I get that done today, then I’d like to get most of the hand sewing on the binding done over the weekend. But I’m trying not to set my bar too high. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed!

Just Ducky

I hope your weekends are just ducky!!

Bits and Bobs

Lemon Cube Water

What’s up with all of you? I don’t have anything major to report today. At least not with photos.

I finished the two stash quilts I was working on and I’ve started the other three, but I have not been able to get any photos. But I’m very excited about the progress I’ve made on those quilts. Looks like I might actually be able to get them all done. I know I’ve only just assembled the backs for the other three and cut the pieces for the tops, but getting started is often the hardest part in my opinion!

On the food front, we had a lovely dinner tonight – Spring Sandwich: Boiled Egg, Seared Asparagus, and Pickled Onion. The perfect thing to have during the brief asparagus season in the spring. I only wish asparagus stayed in season longer so I could make this in the middle of the summer when I don’t want to generate any (more) heat in my kitchen. I toasted the bread in the toaster (and could skip that), boiled eggs (which I could do really early when it isn’t sweltering in my kitchen yet), and seared asparagus (which I did in a skillet for maybe 5 minutes, but could easily be done outside on a grill as well). Very yummy!

You may also be wondering what the photo is about. It’s my latest drink. A while back someone gave us a big bag of lemons. People do that in California, because they have lemon trees in their yards and don’t know what to do with all the lemons. Anyhow, we juiced a bunch of them and I saved them as 1 tbsp aliquots in ice cube trays.

Fast forward to now and I am needing an alternative to my usual hot tea, and plain water seems so dull. Then I had the idea to just put a lemon cube in a glass of water. It gives the water a little pizzazz and cools it down just a touch (I generally like my drinks around room temperature – never iced down). It’s perfect!

The Job Hunt Continues

I’m still looking for new full-time employment. This is a very slow-moving process overall, but every once in a while something does happen. Last week I did my first interview via video-Skype. Since I was at home, I wanted to find a place to do the interview where I wasn’t backlit (like I am where I usually sit) or surrounded by a lot of distracting stuff. So, I opted for this view (with nicer clothing).

The last question I got asked at the interview? “Are those quilts that you made behind you on the wall?”

Why, yes, yes they are!

And We’re Blocking…

Blocking Shawl

Also, here’s a shot of one of the two whole cloth quilts I’m making being pin-basted last week. I got both of these machine quilted already as well, and have selected binding fabrics from my stash.

Pin Basting Poppies

I’m making such quick progress on these two quilts, that I’m actually harboring some hopes that I’ll be able to get the other three done soon as well. I’m always overly-ambitious that way.

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