My Baby Blanket

I just realized that I’m not 100% sure who made this. I’m guessing my mother’s mother (Verna Weber). I’ll have to find that out!

My Baby Blanket

Anyhow, this sad, falling-apart bit of a quilt was my baby blanket. It was VERY well loved. I carried it all over the house with me for years and years. Long after I wasn’t a baby any longer.

My Baby Blanket

It’s a solid piece of fabric on the front, with little sheep on it, and another solid piece of fabric on the back. But it’s fancied up with the little scalloped edges.

My Baby Blanket

The back looks even worse than the front, but it’s easier to see some of the pattern in the hand quilting if you look at the back.

My Baby Blanket

I can say for sure that this quilt looked just like this when it was put away in storage some 30-odd years ago. I really have no idea how I could have worn it out this badly just carrying it around the house, but I’m guessing it was washed in the washing machine a fair amount as well. I do still have a fondness for this little blanket.

Childhood Quilt

It wouldn’t be a trip back to Kentucky if I didn’t uncover another handmade quilt or two or three or four, lying around my parents’ house!

This is another of those quilts that came in a pair — one each for my sister and I. They were handmade in the mid-1970’s or so by my mother’s mother (Verna Weber). I love how she clearly quilted in the way that she preferred, without worrying about what anyone else might think.

Handmade Kid's Quilt

The front of this quilt is mostly hand pieced, but the big long sashing strips on the edges are sewn on by machine. I’m with ya, Grandma. I wouldn’t have wanted to sew those boring old strips on by hand either (I barely have the patience to do sashing by machine as it is!).

Handmade Kid's Quilt

And the back is fun with the little strips of gingham along the edges. I’m guessing that’s a full width of fabric for the solid and she just made up the difference with leftovers from the front. Very cute!

Handmade Kid's Quilt

I left my feet in for scale so you could see that these are bigger than a little baby blanket. More like a kid-sized throw.

I brought this cute quilt home with me. Oh – and I also brought back this quilt that my father made, an Amish woman quilted, and I bound. Apparently, it was for me!! Good thing I managed to give away all those quickie IKEA quilts I made (two to some local friends with kids, one to my sister, one to some friends who are moving away, and one shipping shortly to a high school friend is adopting a second child soon)!!

Seeking Advice on a Damaged Quilt

Hi everyone! I’m back from my travels, and an adventure they were.

Me & my sister Annie, circa 1975, under one of these quilts.

I spent the night on the way there in Chicago, compliments of United Airlines. I was not able to collect my checked bag, so I had to beg a toothbrush and toothpaste off the bellman at the O’Hare Hilton and wear ALL the same clothes for two days. At least I got a bed and a shower. No complaints about that!

I opted to be re-routed to Lexington from Louisville so I wouldn’t have to wait 24 hours for a flight out (through Cleveland!), but my bag went to Louisville. They sent it by courier to my parents’ house, where it arrived at 10:15 that night. Two very long days!!

On the way back, the 12-year old boy traveling alone and sitting directly behind me threw up during the landing. Everyone felt really bad for him. It *was* pretty bumpy and it was a small plane.

But I had fun visiting with some old friends and my parents were very happy to have me around for a week. Well, almost a week – my mother was really disappointed when I had to spend the first night in Chicago!

Anyhow, while I was there we dug out a few things, as usual. My mother wanted to know what I thought of the quilts my sister and I had on our beds when we were kids. I’ve shown one of them to you before.

They have sustained some significant damage. I honestly don’t know if they can be saved, so I’m posting the horrifying photos here to see if anyone out there has any suggestions. If you want to see them in more detail, click on the photos and you will be taken to Flickr where you can view larger versions.

This one has the most damage to the fabrics. Large portions of the white areas on the front are just gone, and some of the patterned squares are missing as well.

Quilt handmade by my grandmother in the 1970s

These shots show some areas closer up.

Fabric damage to front of quilt.

Fabric damage to front of quilt.

The other major problem on this quilt is that it has some serious mold. My parents basement has always had a water problem, and this quilt apparently got wet during the last catastrophe and then was not adequately dried out before it was stored.

Mold damage to front of quilt

There are spots of mold on the back as well.

Mold Damage to back of quilt

The other quilt does not have the mold damage, or as much damage to the fabrics (for some unknown reason), but is just overall a lot grungier looking. The quilt in the photos above is at the top of the photo below. See how the quilt at the bottom of the photo looks brown in comparison??

Matching quilts made by my grandmother in the 1970's.

So, the questions are, is the fabric damage repairable/reconstructable, can the mold be removed, can the grungy one be gotten clean again, and would you clean first and then repair (to get a better match of the fabrics) or repair and then clean (so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart when you clean it?)???

All recommendations welcome!

This photo shows me and my sister, circa 1975, sitting together in one of our beds (I can’t remember whose this was), under one of these quilts. (I’m on the right.)

Me & my sister Annie, circa 1975, under one of these quilts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Quilts At Last!

I finally have photos of the other quickie stash quilts I made from the IKEA fabrics!!

Pink binding with brown quilting:
Pink IKEA Quilt, front

Pink IKEA Quilt, back

Pink IKEA Quilt, detail

Orange binding with green quilting:
Orange IKEA Quilt, front

Orange IKEA Quilt, back

Orange IKEA Quilt, detail

Teal binding with white quilting:
Teal IKEA Quilt, front

Teal IKEA Quilt, back

Teal IKEA Quilt, detail

These were a real effort in stash quilting. Everything but the batting came from my stash. Which is why each one has a different color of binding and different color of quilting. I used up so much random thread making these quilts!

Each one is about 55″ wide (the width of the front fabric) by about 65″ long. The quilting was free motion, and I was really happy about 1) how it turned out and 2) how quickly I was able to execute the design! And in the end I’m really happy that I didn’t have any fabrics for the bindings that actually matched, because I love the random bright colors of these bindings.

Between these three quilts and the two others I recently finished, I probably have homes for three of them. Anything that I can’t find someone I know to take will be donated to charity.

I’m super happy to have finished all of these so quickly! I’ve also finally gotten all the needles for the sweater project and cast on. I wonder how long that project will take!

It may be a little quiet around here for the next few weeks. Just warning you. I have a second job interview coming up that will involve an entire day with dinner and I will be required to give a presentation on a topic provided by them. And shortly after that I am planning a week-long trip to Kentucky to visit family. But I will be taking my computer on the trip, so, who knows, maybe I’ll blog from there!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Another Week Goes By

Nine Patch Block

I DID manage to finish the bindings on all those quilts, which means I owe you pictures of the last three still. Sadly, it has been too windy to get photos. And today it’s just yucky. I’ll have them soon, I hope! And then I’ll be finding them homes. I have some possible takers for a couple of them already!

Nine Patch Block

On the job front, that video-Skype interview I had? Well, I have been asked back for a day of in-person interviewing, followed by dinner. The date has not yet been set, but I was asked for my availability in May and June, so the process will not be lightening fast. But I’m excited!

Also, I thought I’d let you know that the Bobbin’s Nest is having a HUGE Warehouse Moving SALE! Details are on the home page, but basically, every single thing – yarn, fabric, needles, notions, patterns, pinking shears – is on sale!! And the more you buy, the more you save, up to 40% off your ENTIRE purchase!!

And, as you can see from the pictures at the top of the post, I haven’t been working a lot on making nine-patch blocks, but every once in a while I do get one made!

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