A Little Something for the Office

Happy Monday morning everyone!

I have now completed five days (not consecutive) at my new job, and been paid for not working on a holiday. It’s going pretty well so far. My only real problem at the moment is that the two new pairs of shoes I bought specifically for work because I thought they would be nicer looking and yet still be good for walking around campus have now both given me giant blisters. One was a pair of Born sandals and the other some cute Cole Haan’s with a small wedge and Nike Air insoles. Drat.

I DID manage on my day off on Wednesday to sneak in a tiny sewing project! I took two of those nine patch blocks that I have been hand piecing (though I haven’t done any lately) and sewed them together to make myself a coaster for my tea mug at work.

Nine Patch Coaster, side 1

The hand quilting stitches don’t show as well on the back, of course, but I really like both color palettes. This entire (tiny) project was all sewn by hand!

Nine Patch Coaster, side 2

And on Saturday I hemmed a pair of new pants. Not exciting, but technically a sewing project!

I’ve also been working on knitting that sweater. Progress is definitely being made. It’s a bottom up sweater and I have finished the oceans of stockinette on the bottom and my next row is the first row of the lace pattern. Wish me luck!

Quilts At Last!

I finally have photos of the other quickie stash quilts I made from the IKEA fabrics!!

Pink binding with brown quilting:
Pink IKEA Quilt, front

Pink IKEA Quilt, back

Pink IKEA Quilt, detail

Orange binding with green quilting:
Orange IKEA Quilt, front

Orange IKEA Quilt, back

Orange IKEA Quilt, detail

Teal binding with white quilting:
Teal IKEA Quilt, front

Teal IKEA Quilt, back

Teal IKEA Quilt, detail

These were a real effort in stash quilting. Everything but the batting came from my stash. Which is why each one has a different color of binding and different color of quilting. I used up so much random thread making these quilts!

Each one is about 55″ wide (the width of the front fabric) by about 65″ long. The quilting was free motion, and I was really happy about 1) how it turned out and 2) how quickly I was able to execute the design! And in the end I’m really happy that I didn’t have any fabrics for the bindings that actually matched, because I love the random bright colors of these bindings.

Between these three quilts and the two others I recently finished, I probably have homes for three of them. Anything that I can’t find someone I know to take will be donated to charity.

I’m super happy to have finished all of these so quickly! I’ve also finally gotten all the needles for the sweater project and cast on. I wonder how long that project will take!

It may be a little quiet around here for the next few weeks. Just warning you. I have a second job interview coming up that will involve an entire day with dinner and I will be required to give a presentation on a topic provided by them. And shortly after that I am planning a week-long trip to Kentucky to visit family. But I will be taking my computer on the trip, so, who knows, maybe I’ll blog from there!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Another Week Goes By

Nine Patch Block

I DID manage to finish the bindings on all those quilts, which means I owe you pictures of the last three still. Sadly, it has been too windy to get photos. And today it’s just yucky. I’ll have them soon, I hope! And then I’ll be finding them homes. I have some possible takers for a couple of them already!

Nine Patch Block

On the job front, that video-Skype interview I had? Well, I have been asked back for a day of in-person interviewing, followed by dinner. The date has not yet been set, but I was asked for my availability in May and June, so the process will not be lightening fast. But I’m excited!

Also, I thought I’d let you know that the Bobbin’s Nest is having a HUGE Warehouse Moving SALE! Details are on the home page, but basically, every single thing – yarn, fabric, needles, notions, patterns, pinking shears – is on sale!! And the more you buy, the more you save, up to 40% off your ENTIRE purchase!!

And, as you can see from the pictures at the top of the post, I haven’t been working a lot on making nine-patch blocks, but every once in a while I do get one made!

Poppy Stash Quilts!

Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

I finally have photos for you! These are the first two of my stash quilts I’ve been making. I think they turned out really well! They are nearly identical. Each is made from a single piece of 55″ wide fabric from IKEA that I had in my stash.

Back of Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

The backings are made from some grey fabric I had in my stash as well. Above is the first quilt, for which I used a dark grey binding fabric. On the second quilt below I used a light grey binding fabric. It’s what I happened to have enough of in my stash!

Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

The quilting was actually done with a regular walking foot, not a free motion foot. I was able to do this because the flowers I was quilting around were so ridiculously big. In fact, I don’t think free motion would have worked well on these because the design was really TOO big for that. The finished sizes of these quilts is around 55″ x 75″. I plan to give these quilts away either to friends or to charity.

Back of Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

And the other three stash quilts I’m assembly-lining right now? I DID get the bindings all made and attached to the quilts on Friday and I’ve been working on hand sewing them to the back sides, in between working up another resume/cover letter version to send out for yet another job posting! Hopefully I’ll get those finished and photos to you a little more quickly than I did these!

Quilts Are Piling Up Around Here!

Quilting in Progress

Unbelievably, I am making really fast progress on my stash quilt project. I finished the first two (when was that? last week? and still no photos) and started on the other three this week, assembly-line fashion. Wednesday I pin-basted all three of them, and yesterday I got them all quilted. See photo above for proof of quilting.

My plan is get the binding made and attached to the fronts by the end of the weekend. Ideally, I’d like to get that done today, but I’m not sure how my day is going to work out yet. If I get that done today, then I’d like to get most of the hand sewing on the binding done over the weekend. But I’m trying not to set my bar too high. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed!

Just Ducky

I hope your weekends are just ducky!!

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