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Another quilt by my father

Yes, my father has hand pieced yet another giant quilt. That makes three in the last year or something like that. Feeling inadequate yet? Yeah. Me too.

Amish Hand Quilting, my binding

Like the first one, this one was hand pieced by my father, quilted (beautifully) by the lovely ladies of Quilting Plus Amish Hand Quilting (I can not recommend them highly enough!), and bound by me. This quilt measures 95″ x 84″. Yeah. It’s HUGE.

Another quilt by my father

I know this quilt is destined for my sister, so she may have had some say in the design of it. The last time there wasn’t an overall plan to the arrangement of the fabrics, but this time there clearly is. I love how he has alternated sections of florals with sections of stripes. Those stripes are just so yummy!

Another quilt by my father

I took it to the shop the day before Thanksgiving to pick out fabric for the binding and everyone wanted to see it. Ev-ry-one. Lots of mouths hanging open and the like, because it’s just that amazing in person. All those little points lined up perfectly. Spectacular.

You can also view some photos of three quilts my father pieced, quilted, and bound entirely himself, entirely by hand, during the 1980’s here, here, and here. Enjoy!

My Dad’s Latest Quilt – Diamonds in Bloom

My Dad's Latest Quilt

Stunning, no?

My Dad's Latest Quilt

This quilt was hand pieced by my father. He chose all fabrics with flowers of some kind. Show this to any guy you know who says he doesn’t want anything with flowers!

My Dad's Latest Quilt

The hand quilting was done by Fannie Borntreger of Quilting Plus, an Amish hand quilting company in Rochester, MN. It’s top notch.

My Dad's Latest Quilt

The French fold bias binding (in Kona cotton lagoon) was machine stitched to the front and hand finished on the back by yours truly. It only needs a label to be complete.

Previous posts about this quilt are here (before quilting) and here (after quilting, before binding).

Amish Hand Quilting — My Dad’s Quilt

Dad's Quilt -- Hand Quilting

My favorite hand quilters have created another masterpiece. Simple outline quilting of each diamond. Executed perfectly.

Dad's Quilt -- Quilting Detail

The best part of this quilt may actually be that the back is nearly as gorgeous as the front.

Dad's Quilt - Quilting from the back

I have attached the binding and I’m ready to hand sew it to the back. It’s going to be Kona cotton lagoon, which matches the bright blue color in the images above. I can’t wait to see this all finished!

Change of Pace

I hope you all had a great weekend! We saw Harry Potter yesterday. Fun!

I have finished the second version of the vintage dress, but I don’t have any pictures of that, so that will be coming soon for you!

I also spent some more time working on the sleeves for the Lisette Market top. Thanks so much to everyone who made some suggestions to me on how to fix the fact that they are too tight. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.

I tried making them wider, but then they looked too big for my kind of scrawny arms. I tried making the outside longer, and that didn’t loosen things up enough. I’m considering trying out how this would look sleeveless, but I haven’t gotten up the energy for that yet. I think I’ll move on to one of the other two dress muslins I want to make from the other Lisette patterns.

In the meantime, I made a little sample for the shop on Sunday. It’s the lawn cosmetic bag from the 1, 2, 3 Sew book by Ellen Luckett Baker. This is a really cute book, and this was a pretty quick little project.

Lawn Cosmetic Bag

The lining is this cute fabric from Michael Miller. It’s called Toot Toot. I love that!

Lawn Cosmetic Bag

The top corners were a little bit fussy. They wouldn’t have been as fussy if I had installed the ribbon tabs the correct way initially. Whoops. But it all came out okay in the end.

Lawn Cosmetic Bag

In other exciting news, my father’s quilt is back from the Amish quilter and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I’ll try to get some photos of that for you soon as well. I have the binding made and will hopefully get it sewed onto the quilt so I can get going on hand-finishing that. I would LOVE to have that quilt done by the time my parents visit in the middle of August!

Dad’s Latest Quilt

Happy Monday to you all!

So, last Friday afternoon, a package arrived on my doorstep. Said package contained none other than my father’s latest hand-pieced quilt top. He’s left it to me to get the top finished into an actual quilt.

We talked here about two months ago about hand quilting versus machine quilting and what might be the best way to finish this top. In the end, I came down on the side of “I’ll see what it looks like when it’s finished and decide then what quilting will best complement the top.”

Now that it has arrived, I can actually make a decision!

Dad's Latest Quilt Top

It’s about 80 inches wide and 87 inches long. It’s made up of little diamond shapes. If placed a certain way, three of these little shapes together make a hexagon. Every piece of fabric in the quilt has some kind of flowers in it. Here’s a shot with me in it, just for scale (and because it’s fun to play with the timer on the camera!).

Did I mention yet that I think it’s just gorgeous??!?!!!

Me with Dad's Latest Quilt Top

His other quilts were backed with muslin, and he’s indicated that he figured this one would be backed with muslin as well. That’s fine. I can do that if that’s what he wants. It certainly won’t detract from the top that way!

Dad's Latest Quilt Top detail

Now, my father has said that he pretty much expects me to just take care of having someone else do the quilting, but I would REALLY love to quilt this myself, one way or another.

Dad's Latest Quilt Top detail

There is no rush to get this completed in any certain amount of time, so in theory I *could* try to hand quilt it. Though I probably won’t have time to start working on quilting this between now and Christmas, and I suspect it could take me years to get it done if I hand quilted it.

It all comes down to one question — what quilting would look best??

I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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