Library Views

The library where I work is an Earth Sciences library. One thing we have that I think is super fun is a ton of globes!!

We also have an awesome mineral collection, but it’s in double-sided glass cases in the foyer and is super hard to get pictures of. Plus, I’m not sure I’m allowed to take photos of them and post them anyhow. Things are a little particular about the minerals collection, which technically I think is only on loan from someone.

And here’s the view from the mezzanine level where all the map cases are. I am almost never up there, but went up to snag a few photos. This one is looking out through the front of the building down the Lomita Mall, which runs along the west side of the Main Quad.

Picturesque Egypt

For the first time in my life I am working in a library. A library with tons of really cool stuff, not just current popular fiction and DVDs you can borrow for free. There is some seriously cool stuff in this library.

I recently went on a field trip with some colleagues to one of the library’s storage facilities on the other side of campus. They were doing a survey of the atlases the library had in its collection. I was looking at cool old books!

You know I have a thing for beautiful book covers. Check out this book on Egypt from 1885.

Is that not gorgeous? And the title page is nearly as much fun, with its beautiful type.

Egypt: Descriptive, Historical, Picturesque by G. Ebers (originally in German).

Variations on a Theme

I hope you won’t get too tired of seeing photos of Stanford. It’s such a beautiful place, and, frankly, it’s about the only place I see these days!

One thing they do very well at Stanford as far as the architecture on campus goes, is to pay attention to detail. These are all photos from the Main Quad area of campus. The flower/star design is repeated all over the place, and, in fact, is used as the University’s logo.

Here it is Enormous-sized in the center of the Main Quad. It’s really hard to even get a photo of this one.

You also see it all over the outside of the buildings in the stonework.

I caught this glimpse of one as part of the interior flooring in the Main Quad one day when they had the doors propped open.

And even the drain hole covers were invited to the party!

Stanford’s 1920’s Tile Fountains

Wow! I had no idea it had been nearly a month since I last posted. It seems this new full-time job is keeping me so busy that I haven’t had time to post. And I really haven’t.

The good news is that I’m enjoying my new job, so feeling like I have no free time isn’t so bad. And the beauty of the campus has yet to diminish in my eyes. Case in point — the topic for this post. Water fountains. I kid you not.

The main quad that surrounds the Memorial Church on campus has a water fountain installed on each corner. I literally stopped dead in my tracks the first time I saw these. Gorgeous! And — they work! Yes, you can actually drink from these works of art, which were apparently gifts of the graduating classes of 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1927.

Feast your eyes, even if you can’t virtually quench your thirst.

Class of 1924

Class of 1925

Class of 1926

Class of 1927

Quilting Inspiration from Stanford

The courtyard in front of the Mitchell Earth Sciences Building
Sidewalk Tiles, Mitchell Earth Sciences

Windows in the Main Quad (love the open one at the top left!)
Windows in the Main Quad

The ceiling at Geology Corner in the Main Quad
Ceiling at Geology Corner in the Main Quad

Have a great weekend everyone!

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