Cross-Country Lifesaver

Thank goodness for knitting!!

Last week, on the morning I was to leave for Connecticut, I woke up about half an hour before my alarm was set to go off thinking that I DID have a knitting project I could take with me on the plane. I was SO grateful that I thought of this, because it kept me busy during most of the long, dull trip.

Botanical Cowl, version 2

I quickly weighed some leftover yarn and did some quick calculations and decided I definitely had enough yarn to make another Botanical Cowl. I made one for my mother for Christmas, and she loves it and wants a bunch in every color. I had some Hazel Knits chocoberry sock yarn left over from making fingerless mitts for my sister and a friend, and figured why not?

Botanical Cowl, version 2

I finished it half-way through the flight back from Philly to San Francisco. And now I have one Mother’s Day gift lined up and ready to go! Details of the project are on my Ravelry page.

Mitts for Meg

Fingerless Mitts for Meg

I was at the Farmer’s Market recently with my friend Meg, whose hands were really cold. So, I made her a pair of fingerless mitts like mine. Now she’ll have cozy hands all winter too!

Christmas Cowl

Here’s the last Christmas gift I made that I promised to show you.

Botanical Cowl, made for a Christmas gift

My mother requested a “scarf” that was a loop, but she didn’t want it to hang down very far and she didn’t want to have to double it up. That basically equated to looking for cowl patterns that were longer or could easily be made longer. I ended up using the Botanical Cowl pattern, which I found free on Ravelry.

This was a great little pattern. It came in a cowl length and a really long scarf length. I used the cowl version, but ended up lengthening it a bit to fit my mother’s specifications.

Botanical Cowl

She also requested that it be fairly lightweight, but not too light. Not as light as the mohair scarf that I made her for her birthday, but not chunky like the alpaca scarf I gave her for Christmas last year.

That led me to the awesome selection of hand-dyed fingering weight yarns we have at the shop, and since she also requested browns and tans, I had the perfect excuse to buy Arroyo, one of the latest colorways of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn. If you have not used this yarn, it is really great to work with. And as a bonus, there was enough left after the cowl (which used less than 200 yards) for me to make something for myself. (Photos of that project coming up soon as well, I promise!)

Anyhow, I hope she likes the cowl/scarf. If she doesn’t, I’d be happy to take it back!!

It’s been fabulous to have all my holiday gift making done so early this year. In fact, all the shopping is done as well, and all of our gifts were shipped on Nov. 28 to their respective giftees. The only thing left on my list to do since then has been to bake cookies as a host gift to take to a Yule party on Dec. 11. Other than that, I have basically sworn off all shopping other than food shopping until after the beginning of the year. You haven’t seen madness until you’ve seen an SF Bay Area mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Instead, I’ll be at my favorite coffee shop with tea and a scone knitting (I have tons of projects I would like to start!), reading, or doing a crossword puzzle. Hope to see you there!

Farmer’s Market Bags

Over the weekend I whipped up these three bags for Christmas gifts. They came together pretty easily and quickly.

Farmer's Market Bag

One of my coworkers copied a round-bottomed bag she’d bought from Trader Joe’s and made it into a pattern. If you are a member of our Honorary Bobbins club at Bobbin’s Nest, then you were lucky enough to receive this as your free original pattern for the month of October! We may at some point offer these patterns for sale on our web site for those who aren’t members, so stay tuned!

Farmer's Market Bag

I’m doubly excited because I made all of these out of fabrics from my stash! It took some digging to find big enough pieces that coordinated.

Farmer's Market Bag

The red one is made out of just the two fabrics that you see. The linen one (my fav!) is made out of the three fabrics you see — the entire inside is lined with the pink. But the green one actually has yellow for the bottom on the inside, because I didn’t have enough of the small floral.

Farmer's Market Bags

And just when I thought I was getting some of my holiday sewing done early, I realized that it’s Nov. 7 already and I always plan to have everything ready to ship to family and friends by Dec. 1, or the first weekend of December at the latest. And everything has to be shipped. Which means I need to get cracking on that one throw quilt that I still wanted to make!

Thank goodness my holiday crafting list this year is pretty short….

One Christmas Gift Done!

I occupied myself with a lot of little sewing projects while my mother-in-law was here, and managed to get this child’s chef’s hat made.

Child's Chef's Hat

This is from a great tutorial over at the stardustshoes blog. There is a link to a pdf on the right sidebar. I did not do the bias tape finish on the inside, since I had a feeling that was not going to turn out looking very neat (not if I did it, anyhow). So I used my fake overlock stitch that I love and I think it turned out looking quite nice.

Child's Chef's Hat

There is velcro on the back to make it adjustable. I really hope it fits! It’s hard making gifts because you can’t both get measurements and make it a complete surprise.

Child's Chef's Hat

I’ve heard plenty of tales of this child helping out in the kitchen, so I hope it will be well loved.


The bear, on the other hand, is not always down with being the model for all child-size gifts I make. Not your day, teddy, not your day.

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