About Amy

Amy Hodge comes from a quilting family. Her Great-Grandma Ida Roloff (on her father’s side) spent many hours quilting at her home in Jackson, Missouri. She even managed to teach Amy’s father a thing or two about the art in the 1950s as he helped her on quilts she had in progress. He picked a needle back up in the 1980s to hand piece and quilt a few of his own creations. Amy’s Grandma Verna Weber (on her mother’s side) had a knack for quilting as well, and presented each of her 11 grandchildren with a quilt as a wedding gift. Amy carries on this family tradition by creating graphic modern quilts inspired by a combination of traditional quilting patterns and modern design aesthetics.

Amy lives in the San Francsico Bay Area, which she absolutely loves. She can’t say enough about the food, the weather, and the happy vibe. She moved out here in 2006 for a job, but at the end of 2009 she gave up the rat race to follow a dream. In addition to running her company, Amy a la Mode, Amy works and teaches sewing at Bobbin’s Nest Studio, a great local yarn and fabric shop in Santa Clara.