Verb For Keeping Warm & A New Project

I recently took a trip over to Berkeley on a lovely Sunday to talk to some folks about a new project (more on that below). After our meeting, I stopped by A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland.

They have lots of really beautiful yarn here. I do not desire a yarn stash, but, even so, I have yarn for at least 3 or 4 specific projects waiting for me at home, so I wasn’t looking to buy. Just fondling the goods.

They also have yarn they dye themselves with natural dyes that is super yummy. I had seen this before at stitches.

This location is relatively new for them. When they moved here they added fabric to their offerings! And they have some super cute stuff, even if it’s a fairly small collection.

Now about my new project! I had a couple contact me about making a queen-sized quilt for them to use as part of the commitment ceremony they are planning for next July. Their story really touched me and when I met them they seemed like such sweet people that I agreed to do this project for them. And I only agreed because it’s a year off, and we are going to try to get started fairly soon. Otherwise I don’t think I would have had time to do this with the new job and all.

Lots of the details are yet to be worked out, but they do know that they are going to get fabric contributions from all of their friends and family to include in the quilt. They seem super organized, so I think it will be a fun experience. And I think it will be a good way to keep me sewing! I’ll keep you posted on the project as it progresses!

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