Library Views

The library where I work is an Earth Sciences library. One thing we have that I think is super fun is a ton of globes!!

We also have an awesome mineral collection, but it’s in double-sided glass cases in the foyer and is super hard to get pictures of. Plus, I’m not sure I’m allowed to take photos of them and post them anyhow. Things are a little particular about the minerals collection, which technically I think is only on loan from someone.

And here’s the view from the mezzanine level where all the map cases are. I am almost never up there, but went up to snag a few photos. This one is looking out through the front of the building down the Lomita Mall, which runs along the west side of the Main Quad.

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  • Globes are so fun to look at. Love that textured one in the first photo. We have a globe in our house that we like having around for reference, especially when watching an international news story. Fun to see different parts of your new workplace!

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