A Little Something for the Office

Happy Monday morning everyone!

I have now completed five days (not consecutive) at my new job, and been paid for not working on a holiday. It’s going pretty well so far. My only real problem at the moment is that the two new pairs of shoes I bought specifically for work because I thought they would be nicer looking and yet still be good for walking around campus have now both given me giant blisters. One was a pair of Born sandals and the other some cute Cole Haan’s with a small wedge and Nike Air insoles. Drat.

I DID manage on my day off on Wednesday to sneak in a tiny sewing project! I took two of those nine patch blocks that I have been hand piecing (though I haven’t done any lately) and sewed them together to make myself a coaster for my tea mug at work.

Nine Patch Coaster, side 1

The hand quilting stitches don’t show as well on the back, of course, but I really like both color palettes. This entire (tiny) project was all sewn by hand!

Nine Patch Coaster, side 2

And on Saturday I hemmed a pair of new pants. Not exciting, but technically a sewing project!

I’ve also been working on knitting that sweater. Progress is definitely being made. It’s a bottom up sweater and I have finished the oceans of stockinette on the bottom and my next row is the first row of the lace pattern. Wish me luck!

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2 comments to A Little Something for the Office

  • Kris

    Too bad about the shoes! I recently got a couple cute pairs of Danskos for work (not the clogs, but more mary jane looking pumps) and they’ve been great and didn’t really need breaking in at all.

  • Bummer about your new shoes! I hate it when that happens.

    Love your new patchwork coasters. It’s great to hear you still have time for sewing, no matter what size the project. I bet it’s nice to have these little creative accents in your workspace.

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