Day One and Yummy Summer Food

Hello, my friends!

Day one at my new job went pretty well on Friday! Here was the view when I alighted from the shuttle bus at the main campus.

Stanford University

I never spent any time on the main campus when I worked at Stanford in 2005-2006, and I assure you that the medical school, where I worked back then, was not winning any beauty pageants. But the main campus is drop dead gorgeous. These photos are from my new iPhone. I’m still shocked at just how photogenic California is in general, but Stanford is truly spectacular. More photos of it for you in the future – when I am less supervised as I walk from place to place than I was on Friday. (Also, I don’t work in either of these buildings. I’ll get a shot of mine for you at some point.)

Everyone was super nice to me and kept telling me how excited they were to have me there and how awesome they think I’m going to be. Hard not to like a place like that! The day was mostly consumed by administrative stuff, setting up a loaner computer until mine shows up at the end of the month, getting my e-mail set up, getting an ID made, having lunch with the boss, etc.

When I got home I dug up a program on the web with which I could estimate my travel distance on campus on Friday. 3.5 miles. Just on campus. Plus the 1 mile+ round-trip from my place to the train station. Yes, I will be needing some good shoes. And they won’t last long!

Here’s the train I took home, pulling out of the station Friday evening. Day one successfully completed! The next week is going to be a busy one. I have several meetings already scheduled for me. New employee orientation in two weeks, and lots of administrative stuff to do yet (like signing up for benefits when I’m able to log in to that site!)

End of the Commute on Day One.

In the meantime I have been trying some summery recipes that I wanted to share with you. It has been relatively cool so I managed to make some things that use summer vegetables AND require heating up the stove or the oven. I’m often frustrated by summer recipes that call for roasting tomatoes and things like that. It is frequently a sauna in my kitchen, so I am often loathe to generate any kind of extra heat. But, I digress.

1. Fast Raspberry Scones
These were delicious, but when I added the raspberries, which were very ripe, the batter turned into a soggy mess. I had to add a lot more flour just to be able to manage this. And there was no way I was going to be able to “cut or pull apart into 2-inch pieces”. So I divided the sloppy batter into the 8 wedges of my scone pan and baked it for about 30 minutes. Worked out great!

2. Fresh Corn & Avocado Salad
Okay, I haven’t made this yet this summer, but it’s so good that I wanted to add it to this list. Great with tortilla chips!

3. Easy Gazpacho
I just made gazpacho for the first time yesterday, using this recipe. I am seeing many variations of this in my future!

4. Summer Squash and Potato Torte
Garden full of squash? This is perfect (if you can bear to heat up your oven). I made this with limited cooking implements at my parents’ house in Kentucky a few weeks back. DEFINITELY add slices of fresh tomato to the top now that they are coming into season as well.

5. Chicken and Summer Vegetables Enchiladas Verde
I made these last week and they were so good that I am making them again this week. Fresh corn, zucchini, and spinach. Don’t skip the sour cream and avocado for the top! I used the kernels from an entire ear of corn instead of bothering to measure.

6. Sweet Corn Pancakes
Like regular pancakes, but with fresh corn kernels and a little cornmeal. De-licious! We had these for dinner Saturday night, and then I had the leftovers for breakfast. Good for both! I used all the kernels from one ear of corn, which was more than called for.

{All food images above, except for the scones, are from the web sites to which I have linked. The scone image is mine.}

Do you have any good recipes that call for fresh summer fruits or vegetables? Extra points for anything that does not require generating extra heat in the kitchen!

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2 comments to Day One and Yummy Summer Food

  • Great to hear your first day of your fabulous new job went so well! Sounds like a lovely place to work. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful selection of recipes. I think I want to try them all, but especially the torte, the enchiladas, and the pancakes. Hope your next days of work are going well!

  • Kel

    I just saw this torte recipe…let’s just say I’m up to my ears in squash….thank you for posting!! Glad you’re liking your new job. 🙂

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