Strippy Wacom Storage

I finished my little strippy project!

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

It’s a sleeve for storing my Wacom tablet, since it doesn’t get used much. And is likely to get used even less now that I will be starting a full-time job again.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

I once again used my own laptop sleeve tutorial to make this. Except that the outside is pieced and quilted. In the tutorial I quilted the lining pieces, and they weren’t pieced. And I did the vintage button with elastic band closure option.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

For the inside I used a fabric I’ve had in my stash for ages but hadn’t found a use for. I chose the strip fabrics from my scraps based on the colors of the lining.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

Oh, and I left out the ease because this tablet is very thin, but it ended up being almost too snug a fit!

And a shot of the back for you.

Strippy Quilted Wacom Tablet Storage

I love it, and now my tablet won’t get dusty and scratched!

Did I tell you yet that my first day of work is this Friday??

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2 comments to Strippy Wacom Storage

  • You have a Wacom tablet?! Which model? I have been wanting to try one of these so I’m jealous! Love your new sleeve for it. I love the mix of solid colors you put together. This would be a great way to use my solid scrap strips, which I seem to have a supply of. Great project!

  • All the best for the new job Amy, would be great to hear how it goes!

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