A New Lisette Passport Dress

Last September I made a Lisette Passport dress in a brown and blue linen that I brought back from Hanoi. And then a few months ago I pulled out the blue cotton I bought in Hanoi and a cute Wonderland MoMo print with the thought of making this dress again in two fabrics.

And now I have!

Two-Color Lisette Passport Dress

It is SO much easier to make something from a pattern that has already been fitted to you. I whipped this out really quickly and was happy with it, but for some reason this version *really* needed a belt. And, miraculously, in the midst of all the shopping that I’ve been doing lately for work clothes (among other things), I managed to find a belt that I think works really well. Under any normal sorts of circumstances this dress would have sat around for months, waiting for me to find a belt, so I’m super happy that I found this one!

Add a little sweater and I might even be able to pull off wearing this to the new job!

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1 comment to A New Lisette Passport Dress

  • What a fun dress! And it looks like such a great fit. I think this would be a great dress to wear to your new job, especially with a cardigan in case the air conditioning is cranked.

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