My Baby Blanket

I just realized that I’m not 100% sure who made this. I’m guessing my mother’s mother (Verna Weber). I’ll have to find that out!

My Baby Blanket

Anyhow, this sad, falling-apart bit of a quilt was my baby blanket. It was VERY well loved. I carried it all over the house with me for years and years. Long after I wasn’t a baby any longer.

My Baby Blanket

It’s a solid piece of fabric on the front, with little sheep on it, and another solid piece of fabric on the back. But it’s fancied up with the little scalloped edges.

My Baby Blanket

The back looks even worse than the front, but it’s easier to see some of the pattern in the hand quilting if you look at the back.

My Baby Blanket

I can say for sure that this quilt looked just like this when it was put away in storage some 30-odd years ago. I really have no idea how I could have worn it out this badly just carrying it around the house, but I’m guessing it was washed in the washing machine a fair amount as well. I do still have a fondness for this little blanket.

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2 comments to My Baby Blanket

  • How wonderful to still have your baby blanket! Looks like it was cherished quite a bit. I still have mine too. My mom didn’t save much from when we were kids, so I’m happy to still have it. I keep it tucked away in a plastic box but now I feel like looking at it again. I have heard that the washing machine is the hardest on clothing and fabric. Think you’ll try to selvedge it?

  • Holly

    I still have my baby blanket, tucked away in my closet. It’s in similar shape. I’ve thought about trying to salvage a few pieces of it, maybe work them into a quilt for my son, and a pillow for my bed. Maybe that way it can be pulled out of the closet, and I’ll see it everyday.

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