Childhood Quilt

It wouldn’t be a trip back to Kentucky if I didn’t uncover another handmade quilt or two or three or four, lying around my parents’ house!

This is another of those quilts that came in a pair — one each for my sister and I. They were handmade in the mid-1970’s or so by my mother’s mother (Verna Weber). I love how she clearly quilted in the way that she preferred, without worrying about what anyone else might think.

Handmade Kid's Quilt

The front of this quilt is mostly hand pieced, but the big long sashing strips on the edges are sewn on by machine. I’m with ya, Grandma. I wouldn’t have wanted to sew those boring old strips on by hand either (I barely have the patience to do sashing by machine as it is!).

Handmade Kid's Quilt

And the back is fun with the little strips of gingham along the edges. I’m guessing that’s a full width of fabric for the solid and she just made up the difference with leftovers from the front. Very cute!

Handmade Kid's Quilt

I left my feet in for scale so you could see that these are bigger than a little baby blanket. More like a kid-sized throw.

I brought this cute quilt home with me. Oh – and I also brought back this quilt that my father made, an Amish woman quilted, and I bound. Apparently, it was for me!! Good thing I managed to give away all those quickie IKEA quilts I made (two to some local friends with kids, one to my sister, one to some friends who are moving away, and one shipping shortly to a high school friend is adopting a second child soon)!!

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