In Progress… and a new job!

A new Lisette Passport dress.

New Lisette Passport Dress

New Lisette Passport Dress

I’m also happy to announce that after about six months of looking, I have accepted a job offer! As of July 1 I will be the Science Data Librarian at Stanford University Libraries. This is a full-time job and, unlike 90% of my previous full-time employment, will require me to leave the house and go to an office every day.

I’m super excited about the new job, but still thinking about what will happen to my little blog. I certainly will have far less time for quilting, sewing, and knitting, and probably even less time for blogging. But stay tuned – you never know how it will turn out! I do have a few more family quilts from my trip to show you in the next couple of weeks!

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