Asparagus Season!

I’m cooking on a theme this week, and it’s asparagus! It’s asparagus season here and it doesn’t last long. Kind of amazing considering how many things you can get year-round at our farmer’s market (which is open year round). Asparagus season is always really short.

So, this week I started off by making the Spring Sandwich again. Though I forgot to toast the bread. Still tasty and super easy to make!

Then I made Green Lentils, Asparagus, and Watercress from the lovely Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi. Those are chunks of pecorino romano cheese on top.

Green lentils, asparagus, and watercress

I have never been a person that liked beans, except for green beans. And I do like edamame these days. But I don’t like what I think of as more traditional beans, like kidney beans. Which is why I generally think chili is disgusting. But I digress. And since I also don’t like nuts, it makes it hard to come up with vegetarian dishes with a little protein in them, unless I eat a load of tofu (meh). But lentils. Lentils may be a kind of gateway drug. I have twice recently made moong dal as part of the big Indian feast, but I’d never made any other kind of lentils. And friends, I definitely liked this!

As a bonus, this dish seems to be good both cold and reheated. I tasted it cold last night and thought it was fine, but opted to reheat it with a little leftover rice and it was yummy that way too!

Also in the lineup for this week is another recipe from Plenty, the Asparagus Mimosa, though it looks like more of an appetizer/salad type of dish and less of an entire meal. Similar in a way to the sandwiches, but with boiled egg and capers (something else I’ve never bought before!).

And to round out the week (if I need it – the lentil dish may last much longer than I had planned, especially with the leftover rice!), some potato leek soup, maybe with some quickie (Jiffy) corn muffins made with last bit of buttermilk in the fridge.

Hope you are all eating well this week too!

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1 comment to Asparagus Season!

  • Looks like a great dish! and a great way to use asparagus. I love it, but my husband doesn’t, so I never get to make it. At least he likes green beans so I often substitute beans for the asparagus. This is a great reminder that I always need to eat more veggies.

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