Poppy Stash Quilts!

Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

I finally have photos for you! These are the first two of my stash quilts I’ve been making. I think they turned out really well! They are nearly identical. Each is made from a single piece of 55″ wide fabric from IKEA that I had in my stash.

Back of Poppy Quilt #1 with dark binding

The backings are made from some grey fabric I had in my stash as well. Above is the first quilt, for which I used a dark grey binding fabric. On the second quilt below I used a light grey binding fabric. It’s what I happened to have enough of in my stash!

Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

The quilting was actually done with a regular walking foot, not a free motion foot. I was able to do this because the flowers I was quilting around were so ridiculously big. In fact, I don’t think free motion would have worked well on these because the design was really TOO big for that. The finished sizes of these quilts is around 55″ x 75″. I plan to give these quilts away either to friends or to charity.

Back of Poppy Quilt #2 with light binding

And the other three stash quilts I’m assembly-lining right now? I DID get the bindings all made and attached to the quilts on Friday and I’ve been working on hand sewing them to the back sides, in between working up another resume/cover letter version to send out for yet another job posting! Hopefully I’ll get those finished and photos to you a little more quickly than I did these!

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2 comments to Poppy Stash Quilts!

  • They look great! Love the big graphic quality and the echo quilting is just right. Look forward to seeing the rest. Isn’t it satisfying to make stuff with what’s on hand.

  • Karen Allen

    I love your poppy quilts. I’ve heard so much about using fabric from Ikea – wish we had a store in Vermont. How did you put the flowers on – was it hand or machine applique?

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