Quilts Are Piling Up Around Here!

Quilting in Progress

Unbelievably, I am making really fast progress on my stash quilt project. I finished the first two (when was that? last week? and still no photos) and started on the other three this week, assembly-line fashion. Wednesday I pin-basted all three of them, and yesterday I got them all quilted. See photo above for proof of quilting.

My plan is get the binding made and attached to the fronts by the end of the weekend. Ideally, I’d like to get that done today, but I’m not sure how my day is going to work out yet. If I get that done today, then I’d like to get most of the hand sewing on the binding done over the weekend. But I’m trying not to set my bar too high. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed!

Just Ducky

I hope your weekends are just ducky!!

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  • I’m impressed – You are making so much progress on this quilts. Love the colors and quilting in the sneak peak you gave us. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I sewed anything, so I’m a little jealous. Enjoy your weekend too!

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