More Blankets from My Stash

Yes, I am really cranking out the stash projects!! During the last week or so I managed to complete two quick blanket projects with IKEA fabrics I’ve had for over 5 years.

These are whole cloth quilts — one solid piece of fabric for the front, and one solid piece of fabric for the back, with batting in between. They are stitched together and then turned right-side out and top stitched, so they didn’t require any binding. They are held together by embroidery floss ties. It doesn’t get a whole lot easier, and yet these are still darn cute! Each of them worked out to be 41/42″ wide x 54/55″ long.

The first has red hippos on the front…


green hippos on the back…


and is tied in a bunch of different shades of green embroidery floss.


The second one has green hippos on the front…


stripes on the back…


and is tied in a rainbow of embroidery floss colors.


Two of my friends have claimed these quilts, so they will be arriving any day now at their respective new homes in Cincinnati and Massachusetts!

It’s Wednesday morning, which means I’m in Connecticut right now! I’ll hopefully have a report on that trip for you all on Friday!

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