Quickie Chair Update

We have this awesome purple arm chair in our living room that we bought about five years. Unfortunately, the corduroy upholstery has taken a beating and is nearly worn through in the seat.

Purple arm chair in need of some love

Since we aren’t in the mood to have the entire chair recovered at the moment, I decided a simple cushion for the seat would at least keep the stuffing from coming out. I thought of doing something fancy like a zippered cushion, but then decided that I didn’t want any closures that might rub on the upholstery anywhere else. So, I just made a basic envelope-style cushion cover and stuffed a pillow form in it.

New cushion for the purple chair!

Not bad for a quick project. And I was especially happy to find this upholstery fabric at Joann’s with the big gingko leaves on it. It reminds me of the beautiful old gingko tree that we had at our old house in Kentucky. It makes me smile every time I look at this.

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