Vintage Block and Ring Quilt

I am making good progress on my new sweater project, but still have not started quilting my little mini quilt. It’s pretty much one thing at a time around here while I’m working on the Bobbin’s Nest online store!

I promised you photos of some of the beautiful vintage quilts we saw while out antique shopping in Cambria. This (according to 5,500 Quilt Block Designs) is called either “Block and Ring” or “Friendship Quilt”.

Vintage Block and Ring Quilt

I initially saw this all folded up, and what I noticed first were the cute fabrics and the rings.

Vintage Block and Ring Quilt

Only when I unfolded it and then backed away to take the first picture above did I notice the large squares.

Vintage Block and Ring Quilt

This quilt had loads of really cute vintage fabrics in it, that didn’t match each other, but produced a really fun overall effect.

Vintage Block and Ring Quilt

The quilting is done as concentric circles inside the white circles and then in concentric arcs between the circles. I love how that enhances the circle effect on top of the squares. Very cool!

Stay tuned, more vintage quilts to come!

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