My First Ever Knitting Pattern!

So, while I wasn’t blogging in August and part of September, I was super busy doing all sorts of things, one of which turned out to be writing a knitting pattern! We have a membership program at Bobbin’s Nest Studio where I work, and at the end of every month we send our members an original pattern — either sewing, knitting, or crochet.

I know what you’re thinking. It would have made much more sense for me to do a sewing pattern, right? Well, we’d sent out a sewing pattern the month before, so we needed a knitting or crochet pattern for August. And it just worked out that I ended up doing the pattern.

Bobbin's Nest Bird's Eye Mini Scarf

It’s a simple lace pattern done in a worsted weight yarn. (This is Classic Elite Waterlily.) I called it the “Bird’s Eye Mini Scarf” because of the lace pattern it is based on.

Bobbin's Nest Bird's Eye Mini Scarf Detail

It was so nice when the next week multiple people came into the shop while I was there wanting to get yarn to make this pattern!

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1 comment to My First Ever Knitting Pattern!

  • Beautiful scarf! I love that pattern. Good for you for doing your first knitting pattern – fabulous! That membership program sounds pretty cool, getting a free pattern. Hope you get the chance to do more.

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