Mosaic Quilt for my Mother – Groovy!

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

Can I just say how much I ended up loving this quilt?? Well, I really love this quilt!

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

I had been hoping to get the top pieced together before my parents came to visit in August, and in the end I had everything but the hand sewing done before they got here — the label and the binding — and I finished that before they left, so they were able to take it home with them. But not before I had the usual photo shoot. I’m sure they thought all the furniture moving just for photos of a quilt was pretty crazy!

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

I debated for quite a while over how to do the quilting. I considered doing straight-ish lines like I did for the pair of mosaic quilts I made earlier this year, but in the end I just felt like that was too static. I wanted something that would draw your eye around the quilt and all the different colors, but I didn’t want it to be too busy or too overall a pattern, like stippling, that didn’t relate to the mosaic aspect at all.

So, I finally settled on some orderly wavy kinds of lines, and I so totally loved both doing this quilting and the final effect of it. Love it, love it, love it.

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

In the end, I couldn’t think of anything better to name it other than “Groovy,” since groovy it is.

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

I thought when I had been laying this out that I had looked at all the colors a million times (there are over 100 different colors in this quilt), but I really had fun sewing the pieces together as well. Sometimes I would pick up the next two pieces and be surprised at what a fabulous combination the two unlikely colors made.

If I ever need some color inspiration, I’ll definitely have to look back at this quilt!

"Groovy" Custom Quilt for my Mom

My mom loved it and it is already hanging in her family room!

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7 comments to Mosaic Quilt for my Mother – Groovy!

  • It’s gorgeous and so fabulous! I really love this. I love how artsy it looks hanging up over the sofa. Definitely want to try this technique, so I’m off to play with some photos in Illustrator. I can see why your mom loved it so much.

  • I’ve been waiting to see this quilt finished and it did NOT disappoint! Groovy, artful, beautiful, fabulous….I absolutely love it. The quilting you chose really accomplishes your goal of keeping the eye moving over the top. Wonderful, wonderful.

  • Heather

    What a beautiful, groovy wallhanging! There’s so much going on in it that it’s hard to stop looking at it! I love your choice of quilting design, too.

    It will surely be much loved.

  • Camilla Cathro

    Looks great Amy,
    Glad you’re back blogging, I always enjoy seeing what you’re creating and hearing about your design process! I’m working on an improvisational quilt inspired by the fabulous colours in the bark of the eucalypt trees we have here in Australia and influenced by your mosaic quilts and the Real McCoy. I’ve finished the top and am pondering the quilting. It’s my most creative piece so far I think, so you inspire from afar!

  • This will always be a favourite, especially for the way you adapted the inspiration photo.

  • it really is brilliant. and i LOVE the quilting. it’s so simple but so clever!

  • I love this quilt (it is stunning in its simplicity!) and have pinned it to my “Quilty Goodness” board on Pinterest (with proper credit, of course!). Feel free to follow me if you’d like:

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