My Dad’s Latest Quilt – Diamonds in Bloom

My Dad's Latest Quilt

Stunning, no?

My Dad's Latest Quilt

This quilt was hand pieced by my father. He chose all fabrics with flowers of some kind. Show this to any guy you know who says he doesn’t want anything with flowers!

My Dad's Latest Quilt

The hand quilting was done by Fannie Borntreger of Quilting Plus, an Amish hand quilting company in Rochester, MN. It’s top notch.

My Dad's Latest Quilt

The French fold bias binding (in Kona cotton lagoon) was machine stitched to the front and hand finished on the back by yours truly. It only needs a label to be complete.

Previous posts about this quilt are here (before quilting) and here (after quilting, before binding).

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9 comments to My Dad’s Latest Quilt – Diamonds in Bloom

  • This is really amazing! I am so impressed that this was hand pieced AND hand quilted. What a treasure. I don’t know any guy who would even attempt a project like this. Very admirable.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! It boggles my mind that it was both hand pieced AND hand quilted. So lovely!

    My husband doesn’t mind me using quilts that are super floral and girly on our bed (thank goodness!). Right now we have a hot pink floral one on there hehe!

  • Stunning. Such a perfect binding choice.
    And I love how your Dad was particular about placing those green diamonds. Some order in the apparent chaos.

  • mjb

    It’s beautiful and so detailed!

  • This is a very lovely quilt, love how the blue pops! I am always envious of people who are productive with hand stitching…it always takes me sooo long!

  • Friggin’ amazing! And how heartwarming. My Dad used to do a lot of handquilting after Mom’s quilt tops were done. He said he did this because the quilt frame was taking up the whole living room and he wanted it out of there. It was between his chair and the tv. I don’t think he minded quilting, though. He wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t liked doing it. And he was so good at it, too. His fingers were so strong and his skin was so tough he didn’t need a thimble. He had farmer’s tough working hands.

    In his younger years my Dad sewed my Mom a dress for a wedding that was coming up. The dealio was that he wanted her to do the farm taxes but he hadn’t brought her the receipts she needed from him until just before the taxes were due and she wanted to sew herself a dress for the wedding. Dad said that if she’d do the taxes, he would sew her dress. And she did. And he did. And Mom has always claimed that it was the best fitting dress she ever had.

    Thanks for reminding me of heart-warming stories of my own parents.

    Your Dad’s quilt really is gorgeous!

  • Wow, that is beautiful. I am amazed and in awe! thank you for sharing it with us…tell your Papa that he is amazing!

    Just starting to quilt…thank you for the inspiration! (found you on youtube).

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  • Isn’t it just the most wonderful thing to have a parent who makes things!

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