Sweet Harmony Handbag

I told you I was going to get back to sewing!!

This is actually a sample for Bobbin’s Nest, but I sewed it, so it definitely counts as sewing. We have a little something special planned for this bag in the coming months, so I wanted to go ahead and get it made.

I made the handbag version (not the larger tote). This really wasn’t too bad to make, especially after having done two of those weekender bags! This one has just enough piping to look nice, but it’s in the easiest to apply spot on the bag, so you won’t be tearing your hair out about it.

The bag has big exterior pockets on both sides, with piping at the top. That’s the extent of the piping on the bag. Easy peasy.

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag, exterior with cell phone pocket

One side has a little cell phone pocket just inside the exterior pocket.

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag, cell phone pocket

The other exterior side just has the one big pocket. But, hey, you’ll have enough fabric to put a cell phone pocket on both sides if you really want to!

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag, exterior on second side

There are two interior pockets and instructions for making either the zippered versions or the non-zippered versions. It takes the same fabric pieces either way. Since this is for the shop, I made one zippered.

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony bag, zippered inside pocket

And one non-zippered!

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag, non-zippered pockets on inside

My only issue with this bag was the zippered pocket. It’s really an easy installation (though for some reason she has you buy a 22″ zipper when a 12-14″ zipper will do for the handbag). However, the placement line was WAY off. Double check this before you sew so you don’t have to rip it out!

You could also probably pretty easily make the handle longer if you’d like, just make sure you have enough fabric and interfacing. This one is a bit short to easily get on my shoulder one-handed the way I like to do.

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag

All told, I think this took me about 5-6 hours of sewing. This figure does not include cutting everything out, fusing all the interfacing, and making the piping.

Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag

And in this cute fabric, it makes me wish that we would hurry up and get some warm weather around here!

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3 comments to Sweet Harmony Handbag

  • Looks like a great bag, especially for people who like to carry bigger bags to fit all sorts of goodies. That outside pocket would be very handy to hold a phone or keys or a notepad. Love that extra touch of the piping. Nice tip about the pattern and pocket placement adjustments. I think it’s helpful to hear how long it took you to make this. Great choice with the fabric combo on this project! I bet it’s fun to see on display in the shop.

  • Jos

    I am IN LOVE with this bag! Which pattern did you use and is it for sale somewhere?

  • cheryl

    i am making this bag and having trouble getting the bottom piece in. the directions didnt make alot of sense to me. can you give me some pointers. yours turned out so perfect! thanks.

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