Vintage Shopping

The best birthday weekend ever included antique shopping in Gilroy and Monterey, and I thought you guys might enjoy a few of the photos I took at some of the shops!

A cute little trio on a shelf.
Cute Vignette

Vintage sewing supplies.
Vintage Sewing Supplies

Fabulous color combination!
Love these colors!

Rockin’ blue stools and colorful vintage clothing.
Vintage Stools & Clothing

Crazy wild booth!
Wild & Crazy Booth!
Wild & Crazy Booth!

A lovely trio of vintage radios.
Vintage Packard-Bell Radio
Vintage Bendix Radio
Vintage Silvertone Radio

Occasionally, some great print design!
Better Baking - Great Design!

And, as promised, a look at our awesome purchase from Gilroy. A new addition to our McCoy pot collection. Can you spot the new one?
McCoy Pot collection with new salmon pot!

It’s this darling salmon-colored one on the right. It’s identical to one that we already have in the bluish-green color (to the left of and behind the white pot). Love it!
Our Latest Addition in salmon

I also found this in Monterey for 65% off. Almost 400 pages of vintage sewing goodness from 1960!
Sewing Made Easy, 1960

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2 comments to Vintage Shopping

  • Wow, what a cool day of vintage shopping! I never have that much luck at finding vintage shops much less ones with such great treasures. I’m always on the hunt for vintage sewing notions, just because the packaging is fun to look at. I’m so excited to see you found a salmon-colored pot to go with your McCoy pottery collection. It looks fabulous on that shelf with the rest.

  • Rita C

    The vintage shops where I live are really bad. Perhaps that is a good thing since we recently moved to a bigger house to make room for all of us and all our stuff! My husband would kill for your McCoy collection. He was looking for a McCoy hanging pot and never found one.

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