A Star (Quilt) is Born

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions on my Dad’s quilt top. I should have known he would get all kinds of love from this crowd! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do there and how it’s going. Oh — and he has now started talking about making another one. This cuts significantly into my desire to hand quilt it, since I couldn’t possibly keep up with his pace!

I’m sure I mentioned to you recently that I had two big things in the works at the Amy a la Mode studio. One of those things I have already told you about — that my quilts are now for sale at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

The second big bit of news is that I have a commission to do a custom quilt!

It’s for a friend of a friend and a group of her friends (if you follow me), who are planning to give it as a gift to another friend. Without going into the details of the whole thing, I’ll just say that pretty much the extent of the request was to do a star-themed quilt. Something that she could cozy up with on the couch.

My brain got churning as my brain tends to do, and I did a few sketches, even whipping out the brand new colored pencils I bought for one of my classes this quarter. By the way, these are the first colored pencils I can ever remember owning. I love them!

Sketchbook -- star designs

From the very beginning I had this idea of there being one big star. I’m totally drawn to designs in big scale (like the Rome in Two Days quilt — LOVE the huge scale of that!)

Sketchbook -- star designsSketchbook -- star designs

I toyed around with wonky piecing the huge star, as well as with just wonky piecing the interior of the star, but making the star itself a precise shape (if that makes sense).

Sketchbook -- star designs

This is the drawing of the quilt in Illustrator. The quilt will be 60 inches wide by 68 inches long, with the star being 42 inches square and set off center. I don’t show it here, but the star will be kind of randomly pieced in different fabrics. The background may or may not be assemble from multiple fabrics (to be determined once the star is made).

Star Design

I also knew from the beginning that I did NOT want to make this quilt in a combination of colors that might come across looking trite — like midnight blue and yellow (yawn). Instead, I decided that a color palette of all purples would be much more sophisticated. The fabrics I have selected are below (though the quality of the photo does not show them to best advantage). The star will be in the lighter purples and the background in the darker purples. I’m planning to use a mix of Kona cottons and shot cottons.

Star Quilt Color Palette

I’ve already received approval for my design and I’m just awaiting a payment before I begin construction. I’m really excited to get started with the sewing on this. I love the idea of making this giant star!

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