Open House in the Works

Here at Chez Amy a la Mode, I’m in the throws of planning a wine & cheese open house to introduce my quilts to everyone I know. I’ve pretty much settled on a date — Sep. 25, unless anyone knows of any objections to that?

I live in fear that the week before Sep. 25 everyone I meet will tell me that Sep. 25 is some big school-related day (since I don’t have kids and don’t have a clue even when school starts up or lets out, much less all the other stuff that goes on!).

I’ve put together an invitee list and ordered up some postcards that I can use for invitations (as well as other stuff later). They came yesterday and they look great! I put the image from my web site’s home page on the front.

My plan is to have one queen-sized quilt hanging in the living room like I did for the photo shoot for the web site, and the other two queen-sized quilts will actually be made up on the beds in the two bedrooms. Yesterday I did a test run to see which quilt I wanted to put where. Miraculously, one of the quilts totally matched everything in the spare room already, so I’m totally set there. But for the other bedroom there was some major clashing of pillows, etc. So, one of the tasks on my list was to make new pillowcases to match one of the quilts. I marked that off today!

I more or less used this tutorial.

I’ll keep you posted on all the various activities as the date draws near. Obviously, the open house will be at our apartment, so I’m not making this an open-to-the-general-public kind of event, but if any of you live in the area or will be in town that weekend and are interested in attending, drop me a line and I’ll send you the details when I get to that point!

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