Amish Quilts and Chance Meetings

On Tuesday I finally made it to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco for their Amish quilts exhibit. It was fabulous and inspiring! So inspiring, I have started this:

Something Amish, I think

Destined to be an Amish mini quilt, though I feel like I’m starting a lot of things lately that I won’t be able to finish for a long time. Hope this isn’t one of them!

I’ve been guest blogging lately over on the Bobbins Nest blog, so head over there and check out today’s post if you’d like to see more of my thoughts on the exhibit!

On a completely different and yet related topic, I felt like a real celebrity for the first time on Tuesday when I ran into one of my blog readers at the DeYoung. She recognized me from those photos of me in the horrible Simplicity top. I had to record this chance meeting for blog history of course!

Me and Raquel

Hi Raquel! Nice meeting you!

And then in a weird twist, I was work today at the Bobbin’s Nest and two more people came in (totally separately and independently of each other) and asked if I was Amy and said they read my blog. A big ol’ shout-out to both Lisa and Martina. Lovely meeting you ladies as well!!

So now my boss Erin says she’s going to make me a name tag that says, “Yes, I am Amy.” It’s been a fun 24 hours, I have to say!

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