Family Quilts — Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

It’s Family Quilt time again! Yippee!!

Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

This, like the last quilt, is another of sketchy origin. It has been at my parents house as long as I can remember. Interestingly, this quilt is VERY similar to the previous Diamonds Squared quilt that I posted about. Here’s that one again, just to jog your memory:

Great Grandma's Quilt -- Diamonds Squared

The previous quilt was likely by my Great Grandma Roloff (my dad’s grandmother), so maybe this one is too?

I realized this morning that this pattern is very much like a double Irish chain, except that it’s turned so that it’s no longer on the diagonal. This gives a totally different effect! The different placements of the light and dark fabrics within each block produce very different effects as well.

Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

One of my favorite favorite things about this quilt is the pieced border. So many little scraps of fabric sewn together. So many great little prints in there! Click on the individual photos to go to Flickr where you can see really big versions of these images and the details of all these little prints.

Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

The back of this quilt is muslin, but the binding is pieced scraps like the border. Unfortunately, the binding appears to be worn off in some places. Again, you can really see the pieced binding in the larger images on Flickr.

Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

I actually forgot to look at this to see if it was hand pieced, but it was definitely hand quilted. The quilting is a really simple pattern of diagonal lines. Each square has two diagonal lines that runs through it. All the lines run in the same direction — in other words, it just makes lines, not diamonds.

Diamonds Squared with Pieced Border

I love looking at this quilt. There are so many places where there is a slight deviation from the pattern, with one darker square thrown in, or suddenly something pink, that it never bores me!

Well, this has caught me up again. I hope you have enjoyed these additions to my Family Quilts series! Hopefully, a tutorial will be coming up next!

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