Family Quilts — Four-Patch on Point, or Twins for Twins!

I have been laid up in bed all day with a nasty cold. I can’t remember EVER staying in bed all day. (Okay, not since I was old enough to do what I wanted instead of what I was told). Of course, I can’t do nothing from bed, so I’ve been back here on my computer most of the day doing a little work for the Bobbin’s Nest, filling out the ol’ tax forms, and watching a little Torchwood. (Really, I’m a Dr. Who fanatic, but I’ve run out of Dr. Who that I can watch instantly on Netflix, so I’ve had to diversify!)

All of which means that I now have photos fixed up to show you of a few more family quilts!

Today’s family quilt is really one of a pair. I couldn’t find the other one — no clue where it’s gotten to. These were the quilts my twin sister and I had on the twin beds in the room we shared for years. They were made by my Grandma Weber (my mother’s mother), if I’m not mistaken, just for the two of us, which places their origin right smack in the early 1970’s.

Twins for Twins Four-Patch

You can see this quilt was well-loved — some of the muslin sections are falling apart.

Four Patch Detail

There are some really great prints in these quilts!

Four Patch Corner

These quilts appear to be machine pieced and hand quilted (this would be fairly typical for my Grandma Weber). The main part is quilted in a basic geometric pattern based on the four patches, but the border is done in a traditional wavy sort of design.

Four Patch backing and quilting

As always, I have forgotten to check all the fine details. I think these quilts have a separate binding attached, but in the muslin, so it blends in. I think the curved corners are great!

Click on any of these images and you will be taken to Flickr where you can view huge sizes with more detail.

Twins for Twins Four-Patch

It’s too bad that these quilts are no longer in very good condition, because they really are a treasure. I had no idea when I was little how special it was to have a quilt that your grandmother made for your bed. When I was little it always seemed so much better to have the fancy store-bought stuff, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to appreciate the time and the care that is involved in making something like this for someone else. Thanks Grandma!

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7 comments to Family Quilts — Four-Patch on Point, or Twins for Twins!

  • Very pretty vintage quilts! I especially love all the colors popping out in between the white. The quilting looks gorgeous too. What a treasure, even if it can’t be used without failing more.

  • Wow, way to go, Grandma! When I first opened the post it looked like a new quilt! Great colors/fabrics! And I love blocks set on point 🙂

  • Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly, Amy, and hope you are up and around very soon.

    I love your childhood quilt — sometimes the simplest patterns are the most striking, and your Grandma had a good sense of design (runs in the family, obviously). The zig-zag set is so effective with colorful blocks and muslin, and I also like the wide muslin border and the curved corners. I’m definitely going to use this pattern — THANKS!

  • Ok, this post has so encouraged me! I made a quilt for my 3 year-olds nephew in February & have been starring at the fabric I bought for his twin sisters’ quilts (their birthday is in MAY!!!) ever since… I will start the cutting this weekend! It’s been my hope that my favorite little people will really enjoy these quilts & know how much their Titi (auntie in Spanish) loves them when they see them. Reading this post & thinking how when they’re my age they might look back on those old quilts I made them w/ fondness gives me warm & fuzzies- thanks. 🙂

  • Wendy Rabung

    Well used, but well loved – thats a good thing!
    I have an old quilt too, that my Nana made, and its getting some holes, but I still use it once in while.

  • I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. I hope that the rest has helped!

    I didn’t know that you had a twin sister. Are you identical?

    This quilt is beautiful and that’s so neat that your grandma made you matching quilts. That is such a great treasure to have.

  • Meghan

    My grandmother died recently and I found patch work quilt squares already to put together. they were made by her mother between 1940-1976 I have almost a 100 large pattern squares. any suggestions!

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