Simplicity 3835

I was starting to feel like I hadn’t done any sewing in ages, so I looked at my pile of new patterns and picked out the one I thought would be the easiest — Simplicity 3835, the Built by Wendy pattern — and starting making muslins. These pictures are of the last one, which I did in this hideously ugly Hawaiian print that I had in my stash (don’t ask!).

Simplicity 3835 muslin

(I was actually trying not to laugh when I took this photo, because in the photos I took before this I had such a PO’ed look on my face it was totally cracking me up.)

I admit that I bought into the love for this pattern that I’ve seen all over the internet. Loads of people have made this pattern and said that it was not only easy but really cute and fun to wear. I have to agree (after making it three times) that it is definitely easy!

Now, when I looked at this pattern I thought, “That doesn’t look like something I would wear.” But I kept reminding myself that everyone loves this pattern, and it was only $1.99 on sale, so I bought it.

I ended up making three muslins for this little top. Kinda ridiculous. But the first version turned out too big in the bust, despite following the measurement guide (I had to go down a size), and I also needed to shorten the waist by almost three inches.

Simplicity 3835 muslin

In the end I got the fit right, but just really hate it. This is one of the frumpiest-feeling things I think I have ever had on. I tried adding the darts for the dress version in the back and then it just looked like something that was trying to be fitted and failing miserably.

I think I should remind myself of my own rules, about not sewing something that you wouldn’t buy off the rack. I knew I would never pick this up in a store, and yet I tried to make it anyhow. At least I didn’t waste any of my good fabric on it! And I got to get some more practice at pattern alterations — never a bad thing.

I also managed to fulfill that urge to sew, so that’s good too.

We are headed out to Kentucky tomorrow for my father’s 70th birthday. No big party, just the immediate family (six of us). I’ll see you when I get back!

Have a great weekend!

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7 comments to Simplicity 3835

  • That’s too bad – the shirt looks good on you! I am envisioning it with some knee-length khaki shorts and strappy sandals for spring and into summer….

  • I bought this pattern but decided it wouldn’t look good on me. That’s not such a good shape on you either, but good for you for making several muslins and alterations. It just seems more like a health care uniform. I wonder how it would look longer and belted, like a tunic. Have an awesome time celebrating with your family in Kentucky!!

  • too bad you don´t like it! but you´re absolutely right about what types of garmets to sew: i never bought one of those shirts/tunics myself, yet i have about 3 different patterns for them lying around..

  • I think for someone with your advanced sewing skills and cute shape, you could find a much more flattering pattern — even if you were looking for something loose and comfortable.

    I admire you for sticking with it — trying several times — but then finally rejecting this pattern. I’m certain you are going to find a top that will work for you. You are persistent!

  • Sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I can understand you not feeling comfortable in it, but it does look cute on you 🙂

  • Jenn

    I am looking to purchase this pattern (simplicity 3835), however, it is no longer being made. Does anyone know where I could buy the pattern?

  • Collette

    Did you throw it away or could I possibly buy it from you?

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