Curling Up with a Good Book

I saw this Anna Maria Horner fabric (Volumes, from the Drawing Room collection) at the Bobbin’s Nest (my new hangout!) and realized it was perfect for a friend who just finished a Master’s in Library Science.

Embroidered Pillow

In her limited free time, she’s been working her way through all of Dickens (very industrious, I know!), so I embroidered the names of all the Dickens novels onto the book spines. Each one is a different font.

Pillow Back

The back I did envelope-style with some Amy Butler Lotus fabric I’ve been trying forever to find something to match!

Congratulations, Katie!

Update: How I did this, for those who asked and anyone else who wonders.

I typed up all the titles on the computer in different fonts I thought I might be able to stitch. Then I printed them out and cut out the little pieces of paper. They didn’t all fit the first time, and I had to go back and change the sizes of some (mostly to smaller) to get them to fit horizontally or vertically on the spines. Then I used a light box to trace the text onto the fabric with a blue water-soluble marker. (My super duper SewEzi table also doubles as a light box.) Voila!

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