Super Simple Holiday Card Tutorial

Quickie Holiday Cards

Cute, eh?

So, I needed just a few cards to put in some boxes I’ll be shipping and, well, I really dislike the whole buying-of-Christmas-cards thing. So, I thought about it for a few minutes and came up with these. They are so simple to do that I probably don’t need to say a word, but just for fun, I put together this Super Simple tutorial just for you guys. 😉

Super Simple Holiday Card Tutorial

I happened to use fabric for my star. The hardest part was drawing and cutting out a decent-looking star. I kid you not. I spent some time digging through my scrap bin looking for fabrics with stars on them that I could maybe just sorta cut around instead of drawing my own. That’s how bad I was at it. I used fabric and Elmer’s glue. It was that fancy. And this is just plain old blank card stock from the paper crafts section at JoAnn’s. Simple, simple, simple. But do remember that sewing paper will dull needles, so don’t use that needle on fabric after this. I reserve a couple of needles specifically for paper.

Try out some metallic thread, or adding ornaments or presents to the tree by gluing on more bits of paper or fabric!

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