Strippy Patchwork Table Runner

Patchwork Table Runner

This is probably the last of my holiday gift making for the year. (Though I do have one thing I can’t show you until it has been received — way too obvious who it is for!) It’s a table runner for my sister-in-law. This is one of those gifts where I had to bite the bullet and make a thing I have no interest in, using fabrics I have nearly no interest in. Because I think this is what she will like. I would never use a table runner. I have zero interest in table runners. And I have even less interest in most of these fabrics. The only one I like is the blue one with the little discs (from Jenean Morrison’s Moondance line). It came in a scrap pack I got from Purl Soho, I think. But it’s done, and I think my sister-in-law will like it, and that’s what counts!

And before I forget AGAIN, I wanted to say that Terri and I had a great swap. I showed you the awesome Toasty fingerless gloves that she made for me. I totally forgot to take a picture of the tote bag I made for her. It was the new free pattern from Denyse Schmidt using her Patchwork Promenade cheater fabric. Hop over to Terri’s blog to see Terri’s photos of it. Thanks again, Terri!

Coming up next, a super quickie Christmas card tutorial. Stay tuned!

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2 comments to Strippy Patchwork Table Runner

  • You are welcome and my pleasure! Thank you for the rockin tote bag!

    Your table runner looks pretty. I bet your sister-in-law will love it. We use table runners on our buffet in the dining room, but our cats tend to snuggle up on, so I’m thinking about not using them anymore.

  • I like using runners on my dining room table and I think yours is very pretty with all the close quilting. I think it’s very sweet of you to make a gift that’s not really your style, but you know your sister-in-law will enjoy.

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