Enjoying a Bit of California

Whew! I feel like it has been ages since I posted. In reality, it has been a week. And it would have been longer than that if I hadn’t forced myself to get my Quilt Festival post up. Which reminds me, thanks so much for all the lovely comments everyone has been leaving about my entry. You guys are the best!

Last week my friend Rachel was here visiting. She’d already spent several days in the North Bay and in SF, and had visited SF on a previous trip, so she requested we show her around the South Bay. Um. Really? For those of you who haven’t been here, well, it’s a lovely place to live, but there isn’t really that much to do unless you want to get in a car. Within in an hour or two there is a TON of stuff. In Mountain View proper, not so much. But we did our best.

We did a circular day trip and visited Mission San Juan Bautista, the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, and Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The hubby and I have been to Big Basin and Santa Cruz several times, but never to the Mission, so that was something a little fun for us too.

Here’s myself (on the left) and Rachel in front of a GIANT cactus at the Mission.

Me and Rachel, Mission San Juan Bautista

The Mission itself.

Mission San Juan Bautista

Red buckets on an old fire wagon at the Mission.

Fire Wagon, Mission San Juan Bautista

Conditions at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Water temperature 52 degrees F. Brr!!!

Santa Cruz Pier

The boardwalk.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The fog rolling in already at 1:22pm.

Santa Cruz Beach

Sea lions hanging out under the pier.

Sea Lions Under Sant Cruz Pier

Photo credits to my hubby this week, since I forgot to take my camera with me. And apparently he got tired of taking photos by the time we got to Big Basin, since I couldn’t find any from there on the camera. You take what you can get!

In other news, my sewing machine is still in the shop (2 weeks now), but it hasn’t been much of a problem because my web design class has been kicking my bum this week. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I only signed up for 2 classes. I have been swamped working on all my homework. No time at all for sewing anyhow!

I’m also getting excited about our return trip to Viet Nam in January. This morning we got photos taken to send along with our visa applications and shipped them off. And I have made the appointment at the travel clinic. I’m crossing my fingers that they won’t recommend I go ahead and do the typhoid vaccine again. It lasts 5 years and the last time I did it was 5 years ago in March (I think — have to look all that up!). Final arrangements are being made and I’m getting excited already!

Okay, that’s it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll have any more sewing to show you, or even homework that’s worth showing. But I’ll try to find some way to entertain you!

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3 comments to Enjoying a Bit of California

  • Looks like you had a fun time. Tell your hubby that the shot of the mission is really nice.

  • Looks like a great visit with your friend Rachel. I have never been to the SF area, so I love seeing pictures of the different sights, and hearing about the different areas.

  • Wow, what a great trip! The missions in California are always so beautiful!

    I think you got more pictures out of your husband than I would have! He did good!

    The trip to Vietnam sounds like it will be wonderful, I can’t wait to hear about it (not that I’m rushing you! LOL)

    Enjoy your week!

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