Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Entry — “Pick & Choose”

Pick & Choose Quilt Front

Like many of you, I have been a great admirer of Denyse Schmidt for some time. So, I was really excited when I heard that she was coming to Portland this past summer (I live in California and the trip to Connecticut for one day of sewing just seemed too far). However, I delayed signing up for the class because I hadn’t been working since the beginning of the year and wasn’t sure I could justify the expense.

Lucky for me I have a great husband who talked me into signing up. Bad news — the two days I’d wasted thinking this over meant that I was relegated to the wait list. I kept my fingers crossed and three weeks before the class I got a notice that there was a spot for me if I wanted in! I was ecstatic!

This quilt was started on day two of this fabulously inspirational sewing class. Our task was to choose a theme based on the improvisational piecing we had done the day before. Here’s what it was looking like by the end of the class:

My Day 2 Improvisational Quilt

When I got home I dug through all my fabrics and came up with enough materials to make a finished quilt that is 44.5″ wide by 46″ high.

Pick & Choose Quilt Detail

For the quilting, I drew on a pattern of rectangles that sometimes crossed over between blocks and sometimes stayed within their own little sections of blocks.

Pick & Choose Quilt Back

For the back, I used scraps from the front and some large pieces of gray to assemble one large block of a similar pattern. I really love how the quilting looks on the back!

I loved working on this quilt. This class dovetailed very nicely with the graphic design, art, and photography classes that I have been taking recently and sent me in a completely new and wonderful quilting direction!

Visit My Quilts to see a quick overview of many of the quilts I have made, with links to detailed posts. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit all the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival entries!

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