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Thanks to all of you who left me comments and suggestions on what to do with the unfinished vintage quilt top that I have.

Deatil of Vintage Unfinished Quilt Top

A number of you beseeched me to finish it as the quilt it was meant to be. I do love the idea, but I am working on being realistic (a stretch for me, much of the time), and I know that that’s not going to happen. So, I’ll ponder the other suggestions for a while, or maybe even consider finding it a good home with someone who will finish it. We’ll see.

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided to move into the modern age of typography and switch to putting just one space after a period. My classical training in high school typing class, back in the dark ages when this class was actually taught on IBM Selectric machines, ingrained the “two spaces after a period” into me so severely that I am having to go back and correct every one still at this point. Baby steps.

Now finally on to some sewing!

A few weeks back I acquired a box of sewing stuff off of Freecycle. It’s a bit like roulette, picking up a box like this. I’ve been meaning to show you some of the stuff I got, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. The box contained, among other things, a bunch of funky trims in really wide widths, as well as a bunch of random belt buckles of all kinds. Instant belts!

Vintage Trim Belt #1

This little green buckle is actually from Exclusive Buttons. The other two buckles and all the trim came from the box.

Vintage Trim Belt #2

Vintage Trim Belt #3

I didn’t notice until after I had the photos up that the eagle on the last buckle is upside down. Oops!

One or both of the first two are intended to be Christmas gifts (get out!!). The last one with the eagle is definitely for me. Not just because it’s not adjustable. But because it’s going to kick butt with my new pants.

Those first two belts aren’t going to be holding up any pants, since they won’t really tighten down, but they’re cute. Which is all that matters. Right?

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4 comments to In the Loop

  • Amy

    My husband is old school and still uses two spaces after a period and it makes me crazy. Trained as a graphic designer in typography in *this century* I’m all for one space. Welcome to the digital age!

  • Wow, those belts are adorable! Looks like you scored with that Freecycle loot!

    I heard that a few years ago that you no longer need to use two spaces after a period, but I’m old school so it’s a hard habit to break. I am going to try harder now!

  • Kel

    LMAO on the two spaces issue. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve edited that have that issue (including some old curation manuals… ;-).

  • Hm, I was unaware of the whole one space/two space debate. I was always taught to use two, and as a lawyer I always use two professionally. What is the reasoning for moving to one?

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