Back from the Beach and In Like Flynn

I’m back from the beach! While I was gone a package arrived for me. I won the Summer of Making giveaway from PNCA! Awesome!

And this morning I found out that they had a spot open up for me in Denyse Schmidt’s quilting class in Portland. I’ve already booked my plane ticket!

Photo from

I’m still looking for a place to stay that won’t break the bank but that will be convenient to public transportation so I won’t have to rent a car. All suggestions currently welcome! Also, I have to supply my own sewing machine. I may have to rig up a way to take my old Kenmore as my carry-on (no way I’m traveling with my nice Viking!). But if anyone knows someone in Portland with a spare machine in the closet that I could borrow while I’m there, that would be just great!

I had a great time at South Padre Island this past weekend. Here’s our little spot on the beach. My chair is the one on the left in the shade. Still ended up with a bunch of sun poisoning!

Our spot on the beach

Here’s the three of us that made it to Survivor: South Padre. Original plan was for eight, but too much “real life” intervened this time around. That Photoshop class paid off — I pasted in Carrie (on the right) from a separate photo!

Old Friends!

Back to catching up on things — and my 6-week photography class starts today!

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