Satisfying Little Projects

In my post-spring term sewing frenzy, I have completed a lot of little sewing projects I had on my list (about half of these are even on The List). Here’s the wrap-up:

1. Hemmed a skirt. I rarely wore this and I decided it was because it was just a bit too long. Now I think it’s perfect!

Newly-hemmed skirt

2. I used this tutorial to make a tea wallet. This is perfect for me, because I always take tea with me when I travel. Vintage button from my stash (not from Exclusive Buttons), and vintage ric-rac. Cute little scrap of Japanese fabric!

Tea Wallet

Tea Wallet

3. Belts! These were made using Jessica’s tutorial, for the most part, and vintage buckles from Exclusive Buttons. The first one is a single piece of fabric — not patched — to go with my new dress. Unfortunately, I was cheating with the belt I wore in the photos. In real life it is WAY too long, so I needed a new one!

New Belt with Vintage Buckle

The second belt is patchwork, and I made it using leftover pieces I already had sewn together from making the Stacked Coins Quilt. It’s looking a bit long, but would be really easy to shorten if I got so motivated.
Patchwork belt

Vintage Buckle on Patchwork Belt

4. One Cozy Camera Case for a gift for someone.

Camera Case for gift

5. The little plastic wrapper for the purse-sized tissues that I had been refilling for months gave up the ghost and I needed something else. This isn’t fabulous, but it will do! No tutorial here, I just kind of made this up as I went along.

Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder

6. Chair cushions. These are destined for the pilates studio I go to. (My spell checker doesn’t recognize the word “pilates!”) They have a couple wooden folding chairs whose cushions have seen better days. These should help! For these I just copied how the cushions on the chairs now were made.

Chair Cushions

Whew! I might even have to do an official update on The List when I get back from the beach!

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