Hand Quilting Videos, at Last!

I am *very* happy to tell you that I have finally gotten around to putting up the videos of myself hand quilting. I have been talking about these for way too long and finally did it. They are embedded below, but are all available at YouTube. Just search for “amyalamode hand quilting.”

I recorded this as one long segment, but decided it was way too long, so I have divided it up into seven parts that range from 40 seconds to about 6.5 minutes, and skipped over the stitching of the second circle. Throughout the videos I explain what I am doing and give you some tips and whatever wisdom I have on the subject (so don’t forget to turn on your sound!). I made this during the height of my allergy-induced coughing season, so please excuse the few jumpy places where I had to edit out some coughs.


Hand Quilting 1 — Getting Started

Hand Quilting 2 — Threading and Making the Knot

Hand Quilting 3 — Burying the Knot

Hand Quilting 4 — Thimbles

Hand Quilting 5 — Stitching

Hand Quilting 6 — Skipping Over to a New Section

Hand Quilting 7 — Tying Off (The End Knot)

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16 comments to Hand Quilting Videos, at Last!

  • hello,
    I just found your blog and I love these videos. I love to hand quilt, too, although lately I’ve been doing all machine piecing and quilting (thanks to: lack of time + desire to finish a few quilts rather quickly!). I’m going to have to check out your tutorials…they look really good, too!

  • terriaw

    what a great idea! I took a hand-quilting class last fall and haven’t worked on it much since, so this is fun to have for a refresher. I was never very good with the thimbles, sacrificing my fingertips instead.

  • Thanks for taking the time to share all of these! One day, I will attempt hand quilting 🙂

  • What a great idea! Hand quilting can be so relaxing, and it’s great if you have a small take along project such as a mini quilt or pillow!

    (Of course it’s also great for a large quilt, just harder to take with you!)

  • Bryanna

    These videos are wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to make them! 😀

  • nice videos! Great view and very informative, thanks!

  • Thanks so much for making these videos – what a great resource! I have handquilted (poorly) a couple of times and now I’m inspired to try it again!

  • I loved these tutorials! I couldn’t quite catch the brand of needles that you use. Can you tell me what kind? And is it fairly easy to find the three types of thimbles that use? Can you tell me the brands that you use as well?
    Thank you so much.

  • This tutorial is amazing! thanks

  • Marge

    Thank you for taking the fear out of hand quilting. I was directed to your blog by a friend at work and have been browsing your info for a couple of hours already and have ordered the seweze table just a few moments ago.

  • Thank you, Thank you for these videos. I found them through a search on youtube, and now I’ve found your site! I’ve just started learning to hand quilt this week, and the videos have been invaluable!

  • Mary

    So nice and clear. Thanks for taking the time to make this excellent tutorial!

  • Jenny

    Thank you, Amy. I return to these videos time and time again to help me learn to hand quilt. I have been practicing and am now ready to begin hand quilting a full-sized quilt. Thank you!

  • Hi Amy,

    I did a wall hanging recently and hand quilted it. I resorted to my fingers because I couldn’t get the thimble to cooperate with me and I didn’t have a big enough hoop handy so I did it on a table. I watched your videos and they are helpful. I am just getting frustrated with the fact that I can’t seem to rest my needle on the metal thimble to help me rock the needle. Maybe more practice. I also used embroidery thread so maybe I should start with hand sewing thread before I graduate into embroidery thread? What kind of thread do you use?

  • Rolanda Tovey

    These are some of the best instructional videos for hand quilting. I have been a hand quilter for years and this is how I was taught by a very experienced quilter. Wonderful.

  • Min

    Lovely set of videos. Thank you.
    I have also found myself with blood on white whilst quilting my class room friends told me to suck it !!
    Apparently your spit is the only thing that can successfully remove your blood with little effort.

    I found it works too so no need to run to a tap and then dry it !

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