Color Schemes

Two down, one to go!

This is the final project for my art class. A design in multiple color schemes. I was pretty over this project by the time I got to the fifth one, let me tell you! But I really do love the Analagous and the Split Complement schemes.

All the schemes are based on the original photo, which I took of some round glass windows at Castle Gravensteen in Ghent, Belgium, when we were there in spring of 2008 (I had to link to my husband’s photos, since I’m embarrassed to discover that I never put any up from that trip!).

Original Photo and Complementary Color Scheme

Analagous and Split Complement Color Schemes

Triad and Tetrad Color Schemes

Thanks to Katy, who pointed out a little issue with my You Can Sew! site. Great eye!

And finally, a heads up to my loyal readers that I will be doing a GIVEAWAY for my one year blog anniversary. Woo hoo! The plan is for multiple prizes, and I promise it’s going to be something you like. Oh, and it will be open internationally as well. But I’m going to take a great idea from Jessica and only allow people who have previously commented on my blog to be eligible for First Prize. Just a little reward for those of you who are here all the time. You know who you are, and I know who some of you are, but I’d love to hear occasionally from the rest of you!

So, keep your eyes peeled early in July for my anniversary giveaway!

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