Reviewing and Drafting and Painting, oh my!

I can hardly believe how little time I have to post lately. And how little I have to post about.

A few things to catch up on:
1. I am going to be reviewing a pattern for Sew, Mama, Sew!!!! I have a nifty new button on my sidebar that I will eventually link to my review. More on that soon!

2. I finally did another project for my color class that I have deemed interesting enough to post here. Not that exciting, but at least it gives me pictures to post. The assignment was to take a photo and divide it into three to five different values (of light to dark) and then paint the entire image (well, a tracing of it) using just one color in different values. I chose this photograph I took in Cambodia earlier this year

Cambodian girl

and painted in four values of a greeish-gray color. My first painting since elementary school (probably my first ever with real brushes and real paint). No masterpiece, but interesting, I hope.

Four value photo rendering

3. I am currently taking a pattern drafting class. We met for the first time last night and basically took each other’s measurements. We meet twice next week and once the following week. At the end I will have a sloper. No photos from last night for obvious reasons involving various states of undress of complete strangers. 😉

4. My mom is coming to CA for a 10-day visit. She arrives on Tuesday. Hopefully I won’t be so swamped with all of these activities and my three classes that she ends up bored out of her mind. Though I have scheduled two private pilates sessions for her at the Center of Balance. Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

Truthfully, I’m hoping to drag her around to some fabric shops in the Bay Area with which I have yet to make an acquaintance. Perhaps Exclusive Buttons?

5. True confessions time.

I had two unfinished projects on my list to get done by the end of April, both of which were mostly wishful thinking. One was the baby quilt, and the other was the queen-sized Love Beads quilt for the spare room. While I *have* made progress on these — baby quilt is *almost* all quilted and Love Beads is pin-basted and ready for quilting — neither got finished by the end of April. And with classes and my mother’s pending visit (see above!) there is no way either will be done by the end of May either. But I keep plugging away at them!

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2 comments to Reviewing and Drafting and Painting, oh my!

  • terriaw

    Wow, Amy, that painting is so amazing! I want to learn how to do that! You did such a great job with the different values, especially with the girls nose and eyes.

    Sounds like another fun class with pattern making. I always wanted to learn that too. I wonder if there’s anything like that around here.

  • I love the painting – very interesting. Sounds like a neat class.

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