Derby Hat

I actually have a quick project to show you that has nothing to do with homework!

Kentucky Derby Hat

We went to a Kentucky Derby party yesterday, and I required a fancy hat to match my dress. I had this straw hat but it had a very blah black ribbon and bow on it. I dug around in my stash a found a leftover scrap of this awesome Alexander Hanry fabric I used to make my mom’s hat for Christmas. It was sort of a “T” shape of fabric with lots of weird bits hanging off where I had cut out circular shapes, and even a bit of selvedge. I didn’t do a thing to it but wad it up to look like a rose (-ish) and stitch it really quickly onto the hat. Voila! 5-minute Derby hat. If I’d had time I would have taken a few more shots, but this was literally as we were getting ready to leave the house.

Kentucky Derby Hat

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