Remains of the Day

I hope you guys end up liking my art homework, because I am getting the feeling you may see a lot of it. I have spent a LOT of time on homework this week, and I’ll be working on the same two quilting projects for a while (I promise to give you a peek at the second one soon!).

In the meantime, here’s how it looked in our kitchen by the end of the afternoon today.

My first attempt at a color wheel. This could be fun. I could need WAY more paint.

Art Homework #2??

And this is my first completed assignment! We were supposed to make tiny (1″ x 1″ or so) collages of colors, textures, and shapes to represent various words of our choosing. I had fun exploring different ways of tearing the paper. 🙂

Art Homework #1

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3 comments to Remains of the Day

  • Oh, that color collage looks so fun! We are just working with black and white in my design class, using ink and gouage paint. I’m longing for some color. I’m curious about what type of paint you’re using.

    I’m also curious about where online you’re taking this class cuz it sounds fun (I might want to join!). My class will be over in 4 weeks, and then no night classes available for summer, so I’m looking for something to take in summer. Thanks for sharing!

  • Your color wheel looks like fun…isn’t painting so relaxing?

  • flossyblossy

    That looks like fun….I love ‘cuttin’ and stickin’… 🙂

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