List News and Bushfire Project

Good morning, everyone! First off, I had no idea people would get so excited about my List. Woo hoo for the list! 🙂 Of course, I am already adding more to it (see below!).

I am very excited to report that Terri of Terri’s Notebook has made a Cozy Camera Case and it is so cute. Hop on over to her blog to check it out, as well as her other lovely posts.

A scenic spot at Punalu'uUnbelievably clear
Completely gratuitous and irrelevant shots of our trip to Hawaii in 2007 for our 10th anniversary, just to remind those of you in the Northern hemisphere that it will be warm again before you know it!

In List news, the gift for #1 is done, as I indicated previously, but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before wrapping it (the weather has been dismal for photography anyhow). So, I’m hoping the recipient will be so kind as to send me a photo after they get it!

I dove back in to that quilt and am feeling pretty good. I am having to go back and adjust some of the applique because I did not end up with enough room for my seam allowances in all cases to piece the blocks together. But it’s going pretty well and I hope to get all of that done today. It will be nice to finally see this coming together!

I actually played around a bit with some Liberated Quiltmaking, putting together some bits left over from the quilt I have in progress. Pretty fun! But I am eager to move on to some of the more “liberated” techniques she describes, and I have found a perfect outlet for this (see below)!

One of Tia’s blocks. See below!

Tia Curtis of Camp Follwer Bags has organized a Flickr group for people to make quilt blocks (one of hers is shown above) and send to her that she will distribute to people who have been devastated by the fires in Victoria, Australia. She is currently living in Australia and wanted to do something to help, and based on the response over on Flickr, other people do too! Read more about it on her blog. The initial request is for wonky stars, which are perfect if you want to try out some Liberated Quiltmaking along with me!

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